1. Headline is confusing. Was he a superintendent at the time or had he already left that position?

  2. When I worked in a restaurant we were told to do the following:

  3. Vaginal dryness, couldn't orgasm, depression, yeast infections, migraines, spotting

  4. Potomac is great, so is Salt Lake City. I enjoyed Melbourne too.

  5. Thank you! Where would you suggest starting with Potomac? The beginning seems like too big a job 😂

  6. I'd start from the beginning! I never skip seasons as sometimes they reference thing! Go for it!

  7. Thanks for this. I voted in the last election, and now I've disappeared off the register. Will have to fill in the form again

  8. I think she says "and you know you'll be blaming me"

  9. Hi hair triggered my flatmates trypophobia and she had to keep fast forwarding his scenes

  10. I feel like she gave it away with the comment at the end about only dating a skinny girl.

  11. Well Kwame and Jonathan said they don't like plus size women

  12. I reckon it's Jonathan, based on the fact he likes the outdoors and his inability to read situations

  13. Maybe they want the international code with 00353? Or check spam on your messages

  14. Mine vibrates when it's at 90% every 30 seconds. Usually it's done before I sleep or within half an hour of falling asleep so I unplug it then

  15. My impression is that nobody 45 or under would think about somebody else’s tattoos twice - facial tattoos are still considered extreme by most people though.

  16. I'd say face, neck and maybe even hands if it's heavy lines

  17. I find people who get their partners name or Chinese symbols pretty cringe

  18. I second this. My buddy got out of a relationship a year or so ago and he stayed away from women purposefully because he was so emotionally damaged by his ex. About a month or 2 after the breakup he developed genital warts pretty badly. You can hazard a guess how he got them.

  19. Was she the only person he slept with? Because HPV can remain dormant for years before developing. They aren't a way to identify cheating unless both people were virgins before getting together.

  20. This is true. Also , stress can bring it out again.

  21. You probably won't find a university that's reputable with lower costs for non-EU students.

  22. My Irish office had the same ones. Presumably it’s an EU product (made in Ireland?) and sold to a few countries. Your employers supplier probably picked them up wholesale for cheap.

  23. Say you're only looking for a physical relationship and that you will only proceed if she feels the same.

  24. I was waiting over a year for a mole to be checked by the hospital. I sent photos to the dermatology clinic explaining that I had double since the GP had seen it and also had scabs appearing on it. Within 48 hrs they had me in for a consult, and operation. It was indeed growing and had took take a much mor sizable area of skin than I would have originally but thankfully I didn't need any further treatment. When I went in, I asked out of curiosity how long I would have been waiting if I hadn't threatened them when sending the photos, they said I was on the "urgent" list which had a wait of 15 months

  25. No when you rent you have ownership of the space for aslong as you pay rent. This means it's your room, not his. Because you are in college they are not taking you seriously I'd say. You are within your rights to lock your door and expect it to remain so. By entering and worse admitting that they poked around and passed comment on the "state" of the place means they have admitted to entering without your consent. You were perfectly correct to say this to them and in no way out of line.

  26. That may not be the case if he is a licensee, which it sounds like he is because he said the owners live there too. It depends if his space is self contained or not, or if it is student- specific accommodation

  27. Yeah it’s student specific accommodation unfortunately. You need to verify your place as a student like.

  28. That's good. Student-specific accommodation means you have rental rights. He is only allowed to access communal areas in that case, not bedrooms

  29. Three also hosts Virgin Mobile, 48, and Tesco Mobile. I'm with Virgin and it's been shite for well over a month. However, the solar storms have been quite strong the last while so I imagine that's also affecting telecoms

  30. Use the international hand gesture for a little

  31. I've lived in Dublin my whole life, but in the city centre since 2017. It's always run late, with some specific routes prone to cancellation due to "antisocial behaviour". However, I've seen A LOT of ghost buses and cancelled buses on my usual routes that were quite stable pre-pandemic. The 69 for example was always pretty punctual, but I've gone to take it 4 times this year from the Quays on a Saturday/Sunday when it was cancelled and the next one was also cancelled. Left me with no alternative but to take the Luas and walk from Saggart. On one occasion, the Luas was also out of service so I had to get a friend to pick me up.

  32. I've found it much worse the last 6 months, and it wasn't stellar before

  33. Agreed. I noticed it definitely this year as I have had to rearrange things so many times cos buses didn't show up, maybe it wasn't as bad last year cos I was at home more with restrictions

  34. True. The official county colour is just white, but they do use black as well for the jerseys. Maynooth town uses the same colours. The university is teal or white

  35. Didn't Gemma say "we've come in half way" in the last episode too

  36. Duka is a packet of ready salted crisps, unbuttered bread and vanilla ice cream all in one.

  37. He is the type of lad who think nandos is top tied cuisine

  38. Jonathan said "I don't really like people getting offended on the behalf of others"... Mate, Sophie is getting offended on the behalf of her potential future self not others. If she gains weight, are you gonna leave? Or just give her shit every day until she loses it? If she doesn't gain weight but gains muscle, are you gonna give her shit every day about her "horse" legs?

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