What is an amazing movie that has a god awful sequel?

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ITAP of my grandmother’s dog

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  1. For example, I tried to search for “drywall hand heart” and funny dry wall video

  2. I think this is definitely crossing boundaries. When I had my first appointment she mentioned we are not aloud to add each other on social media or talk on there.

  3. I removed the colour from the environment.

  4. I didn’t notice either. I would crop it just a little bit to take out the plants so you can’t really tell you did b&w. It’s a nice photo. I hope you frame it and give it to your mom.

  5. American Psycho 2. Didn't even start as a sequel but they decided to make it one for a quick buck

  6. Funny enough, the book lunar park can be considered a continuation of American psycho.

  7. Very obnoxious filter. The layers look really good but the vinyl shouldn’t be so close to the top of the cup. It is not food safe

  8. I love Siser. They have it on sale at Michael’s pretty frequently if you need it right away, but I got mine from 143vinyl.com for like a quarter of the price.

  9. Michael’s is way to expensive for siser. Check out 431 vinyl or expressions vinyl.

  10. Try therapy. Or getting a hobby. You're stuck in a loop and you need to do something to stop being stuck in your destructive thought patterns.

  11. No advice on how to get over things, just here to say I’m the same way- I have my own little family now which is stable-ish but that’s IT. Nothing healthy about my relationships with my parents because I can’t move on from things 10+ years later.

  12. Same. It was a lot easier to brush everything aside when I didn’t have a little to take care of. Now I don’t drink or smoke either so I just have to feel all my feelings and learn how to process everything without having crutches to cushion the blow. Plus I feel so guilty that my child doesn’t get to have those experiences by proxy

  13. You gotta use svgs or type it in design space to get nice lines or it comes out like this. Even with hi res pngs the letters will still come out kinda weird

  14. Any chance you'd do special orders? I'd love a cutout of titus andromedon from Unbreakable when's he lemonading. I've been trying to get something like what you've made but having trouble finding sellers on easy who would be able to do it.

  15. I currently have two because my health insurance is were and my primary care provider will only allow 1 session once a month for 30 minutes and that therapist recommended I need weekly sessions. I was told to keep her appointments until I have found a new therapist just in case I can not find one or if it doesn’t work out with the new one. I’ll cancel the once a month one after this next session

  16. I get if it happened infrequently, but to catch 3-4 every couple of days for months is possible?

  17. I caught 4 shinies in one day last year then broke my ankle the next day, my luck ran out quick lol

  18. I didn’t get 12x24, I got 12x12 but it was really good quality from cricuts website. They have sales sometimes for it to be really cheap

  19. Is the problem you don't have access to people, or you don't have the inclination to reach out?

  20. Both kinda. I have no friends, I don’t get along with my siblings and I don’t feel comfortable talking to my parents, SO, or his family because they end up telling everyone else whatever I say. It’s not like what I’m saying needs to be kept a secret but I don’t like everyone knowing my business.

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