1. Really wonderful job with your transitions there!

  2. Omg-THIS is why I love this sub so much!! I was coming on here to say that today I FINALLY got my financing approved & when I called to schedule my extraction appt & asked about my options for sedation & was told I had none, the dentist only does local (injections) I flipped out & started back-pedaling HARD!! I broke it in a cold sweat & the fear that is partly the reason I am now in need of dentures was almost overwhelming! I came here to share my story & possible support that it was mostly in my mind & that I could, in fact do this & your post was the second one I saw!! I think it's important that others realize this very real, almost crippling fear- is almost enough to make me decide I can deal with the pain, the infections, the no quality life I've been suffering thru- if my only alternative is to be awake & in fear. Please know you're not alone & to be completely honest, I can see myself backing out at the last minute... scheduled e day is 10/24

  3. Do we need to be accountabilibuddies? 😂 I can make sure you don't back out!

  4. I have Medicaid right now and dealing with the same issue. Just signed up for insurance through work, thank God for open enrollment time, and I’m going to aspen dental for IV, I have massive anxiety issues.

  5. Oh that's good for your friend. I will probably ask more about the cocktail given at the location I went to initially. I appreciate folks sharing their experiences.

  6. I tried asking about any neurodivergent ppl with PMDD a few weeks ago but nobody answered. 😔 But hello yes autistic with ADHD and PMDD. My life is super fun! 🙄

  7. Headphones are the ONLY way I can survive. Everything is bright and loud and hurts. Why does everything hurt? I stated in another comment that Loop makes little buds that will block out a certain amount of decibels to help. They’re pricey and I don’t have them but I’ve hear great things from my fellow ASD-ers on Twitter (hopefully they aren’t a paid advertisement)

  8. I have Flare plugs but keep seeing Loop recommended over Flare. (If anyone has tried both during their sad time pls do let me know which worked better for you!) My main headphones are Bose quiet comfort and they're literally a lifesaver. The noise cancellation is adjustable so I can either hear outside stuff if I want/need or completely shut out the world.

  9. Wait are you me??? Except I'm running on hard mode by also throwing in being on the aro spectrum. Make it make sense. 😂 What would your ideal Netflix original Halloween date be?

  10. Ok so if being arospec makes it hard mode would bring (not passing) trans & arospec be hardcore mode?

  11. Definitely! And now, are you also me? 😂 We should all form a club.

  12. I'm finding it so fascinating what ppl interpret their actions as. Like saying Link was angry or whatnot, or thinking the vibe felt off. I personally loved it. Rhett had a great time not being babysitter, Link got to be a softboi with all his emotions, Brittany got a parrot drunk...

  13. Yup. When I stop being able to sleep I know the sad times are imminent.

  14. I got mine at 36, three years ago. I was a mess for the testing process and the first 6 months or so were terrifying. I still get nervous going new places and having other people in the car, but alone on my regular routes I'm fine and even going somewhere new isn't too bad as long as I take my time and accept I'm probably going to miss a turn somewhere. I always have GPS on too. That helps a lot.

  15. Interesting! I just get so freaking nervous even just as a passenger. But it's starting to frustrate me more now that I'm living in a place with no public transit. Kinda want to at least learn but I'm also terrified.

  16. Before I drove my car I rode a scooter everywhere for 7 years, even in the winter. They handle similar to a bicycle (just faster) and you don't have someone hanging over your shoulder while you're figuring out what the hell you're doing, so it's less stress there.

  17. I'm 38. Dangit. sits outside the club for 2 more years

  18. Oh heck yeah! I'll bring some crumbl cookies!

  19. No way you're 40, I refuse to believe we're almost the same age. You look amazing! The hair and the glasses are adorable.

  20. This is such a sweet post. Groin outbreaks are what started for me too, and amen to the school chair pain. You're motivating me to get back on track with losing weight/getting fit!

  21. I got 8 originally and I moved a confirmed 6 into this tank from their original home though another 1-2 could have hitched a ride on some of my dragon stone in secrecy. I had to search every nook and cranny of the filter foam, driftwood and under all the large flat stones I had in there to find the 6 I found so I would not be surprised if all 8 moved in.

  22. Oh man if you got babies that would be so awesome. Definitely don't think you'd even notice until fully grown though. My solo one is part of my third attempt, too. I'm considering a fourth go just because I really enjoy them. They're so fun to watch.

  23. I've found they seem to enjoy higher current and any sort of cave type formation you can craft up with moss... When I caught them before breeding they had these little larvae on them sort of like a berried shrimp but it's already hatched. But both times they released them none survived to maturity(that I know of)

  24. Yeah I've got some cholla wood that mine hides in almost constantly, it's near the filter flow so he seems content. I wonder if the babies might need brackish water at some stage? Similar to ghost or amano shrimp. That's the only thing I can think of to explain why no one's been able to get the babies to adulthood so far.

  25. Get the 29. You'll thank past you for it. I started with a 20 and realized I wanted a bit more space so it's easier to just start with the highest you can fit. And with that space, you'd have enough room for all the fish you want. I've used that site as a general guide before and it's okay. I tend to get a filter that's a little larger than my tank, like if the tank is 29 I'd get a filter with an upper limit of 55. But that's just me being worried about not enough cleaning power.

  26. you seem fun. it's 2022 on an internet forum, not a 1918 etiquette test. nobody cares about capitalization except jerks who want to seem superior.

  27. Wow thank you for making this sub. I've been struggling quietly until like a month ago when I decided enough was enough, and I found this sub while looking up other info. Super grateful to know other ppl live with this. Also that cake or casserole or whatever it is made me laugh.

  28. It was an apple pie. I had extra crust and was like “I know what I can do!” Lol.

  29. Eyyyyy OG Twitter squad. I hate FB so I just assumed anything there would be terrible lol. And forums feel weirdly ancient to me in the year of our Lord 2022. So Reddit is perfect bc I'm here anyway!

  30. I sent you a private message with all the info if you have any questions feel free to reach out

  31. Would you mind sending me info as well please? Thank you!

  32. Today is my birthday! I miss y'all!

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