1. Pretty much yeah. It’s hilarious that the conservatives bashed Trudeau for being young and not ready, not having any real experience aside from being a drama teacher, yet their latest front-runner is equally as unqualified. Perhaps even more so given PP has exactly zero experience in the real world.

  2. How does having several Federal ministerial positions equates to no experience to run for Prime Minister???

  3. I mean.... I sure wouldn't give the UCP money. People complain the NDP are "fiscally irresponsible"... but they never spent $30 mil on a right wing troll farm war room to shill for the oil and gas companies online 🤨

  4. Alberta made a surplus of $4 billion from oil in the last year. Can you NDP supporters tell me why it's wrong to promote our biggest industry?

  5. This was the news two weeks ago that the CBC tried to bury by making up a story about the Alberta premier.

  6. I watched the Alberta government give over a billion dollars to a company to build a pipeline to the US that was rejected by the US six years prior. The pipeline wasn’t built. Was never going to be built. It was just a billion dollars given away.

  7. Not through Keystone XL to American refineries. KXL was cancelled in 2015. Kenney bet on it in 2021.

  8. Oklahoma and Texas upgraded their sections as well as Canada. Meanwhile North Dakota has had several leaks with their old pipes. So tell the truth.

  9. one year for stealing a wagon, two years for stealing horses, and 5 years for rusting cattle. I'd like to know the value of the cattle at that time.

  10. Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino yet again at the center of the 'mess'. But let's stick with him, because if he's worse than the PM, all the better!

  11. That explains our cabinet. A gaggle of fucks so detached, they exist to take heat off of Justin.

  12. Oh, Canada's system is a rare gem? All the more reason to protect it.

  13. no, because they want the public system to not suck so people don't need to go to private clinics. your argument is like saying that leaders who rally to reduce the number of people who can't afford food are hypocrites because the leaders just buy food.

  14. People want expedient service. Having specialized clinics that do the same thing all year, will always be more efficient than a conglomerate. These patients aren't getting several procedures, just the one. This is the way to make hospitals better, it's one less thing they need to cover.

  15. I'm conflicted. I don't trust PP an inch and he has done nothing to make me trust him. On the other hand, the cost of living is only getting worse under Trudeau, and he's been in power for a long ass time now.

  16. People with an accumulation of ethics violations are not to be trusted. PP has 18 years of public service without a violation. The trust issue is on you.

  17. Whereas 18 years of being an MP with zero Legislative accolades doesn't concern you in the least?

  18. He's lucky she was amicable enough to allow visitation with the kids. She could have said he abandoned the family, and filed for full custody. EDIT: What are people downvoting? It settled uncontested because she made a parenting agreement that was agreeable with him.

  19. People are downvoting because a specific situation was presented, and you respond with “well what if everything about that situation was completely different!!!”, which isn’t remotely relevant to the actual discussion at hand.

  20. I think getting to see your children is key to being happy after a separation. I don't see how it's not relevant, mother's asking for full custody is pretty popular.

  21. If politicians cut funding to a public broadcaster because they say mean, truthful things, then that isn't something that should be celebrated. That's a step in a very dangerous direction.

  22. Withholding information and lying about something are 2 different things.

  23. Neither lying about evidence or withholding evidence substantiate allegations, or prove the truth.

  24. Harper came after the last decade of darkness. The budget decreased because of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Procurement was a vast improvement under Harper.

  25. These recessions are MANUFACTURED by the Central BankS to drive up unemployment, because the accumulation of capital in our economy requires increasing the supply of money and prices faster than wages. A capitalist economy must assume an 'infinite' supply of unemployed workers to threaten with replacement workers who demand fair wages, or else the workers could accumulate their own capital, and employers/investors could NOT claim workers' production as their own. So, instead of producing what we need, like affordable housing and healthcare, Central Banks are trying to INCREASE unemployment.

  26. Way to avoid the subject that partisan areas in our own confederation are not suffering from the same issues.

  27. Looking only at the evidence that supports the conclusion you already wanted is confirmation bias, and therefore poor analysis. The cost of living crisis exists across many jurisdictions, regardless of partisan politics. These MANUFACTURED recessions are NOT driven by local politics so much as monetary policy, because we use the same currency ACROSS the country, and our Banking system is shared -- in general -- INTERNATIONALLY.

  28. 1672 is still taught in schools as to be the rampjaar (disaster year). The Netherlands were attacked by the English, The French and by the bishop of Munster (Nowadays Germany). The Dutch were very rich and the countries defense was more or less asleep: Money needed to go to trading and the traders and not to the defense of the country. That was not a great idea, so the rampjaar happend. We managed to survive and are still a proud nation.

  29. How did the Netherlands know it was the English and not the French that sank this ship?

  30. I don't know who sank this ship, but the war with France was fought on land, while the war with England was fought at sea. So the ship was most likely sank by the English.

  31. I just don't know how they can contribute this to the start of the 3rd war, the English must of bragged about it.

  32. People and businesses who didn't qualify cheated the government out of 4.6 BILLION dollars of taxpayers money that they weren't entitled to .

  33. Fallible humans who were overwhelmed by the number and speed of applications?

  34. You don't have the mental capacity to tell why a political parties position is right or wrong, and I proved it. You are downvoter for that reason.

  35. How do you make that distinction? And please, tell me how you're not gonna base it on skin color while you're at it. Because it either would be, or would affect a lot of young innocent women.

  36. If you don't want to be accountable for your verbal diarrhea, just don't make comments. Nobody wants to read your ignorance.

  37. Dude, come on, you're embarrassing yourself. It's fine to admit you didn't understand, but surely you're not willing to say that you aren't able to read a wikipedia article.

  38. Tell me, it's really easy for people with a brain to formulate thoughts.

  39. https://globalnews.ca/news/9440132/ndp-alberta-premier-prosecutor-review-coutts/amp/

  40. Sorry to disappoint you but Politicians do not know everything in the world, they know that the deleted emails waste basket only holds 30 days of emails. Somebody in the computer engineering field is who you ask about recovering deleted emails.

  41. Uhhh 59k is a shit ton of votes. The vote wasn't even close in the end.

  42. I would not call that council his team. 2nd place is close, only the two got over 100,000 votes and third was way back at 50,000. The election winner has horrible approval, it shows that many of her voters were voting against others and not supporting her.

  43. Reading isn't a strong point, got it. My apologies as I thought I was discussing with another adult.

  44. The guy with less ethics violations than Trudeau and also indebted Canada less, not even comparable. You are ignorant. There are public records you can research anytime you want to be educated.

  45. I've seen some shockingly stupid takes on this post over the past 2 days, but this is clearly the dumbest.

  46. It's one I share with, The Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. Have a problem with it, do you?

  47. Lol what the fuck are you even going on about

  48. Also covered under the Canadian Bill of Rights, but stupid little internet trolls know nothing of these things.

  49. Not at all. Literally any positive progress is due to NDP pressure

  50. I feel like the parties in Canada have almost reversed. The conservatives are much more blue collar working class people, with the liberals being more elitist corporate types.

  51. That's the way it's always been. You have just matured and become less partisan.

  52. And yet multiple sources, from within the government, came forward. What else was the cbc supposed to do with that? Or should reporting only be done on those issue which you are biased towards?

  53. Lol yeah that would be super good for their career prospects. Think for a second kid.

  54. You… you do realize household size means number of people in the household and not the size of your house right..? Jesus christ this is embarrassing

  55. Congratulations. The four provinces in the Climate action incentive payment group has their rebates determined by family size. A flat rate and has nothing to do with pollution or emissions. The only incentive is in the name.

  56. Are you asking a question? Did your party leader pick the shortest straw?

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