1. Are u talking about the Vaseline lip balm? I love those but I hate having to put my fingers in tins/tubs of moisturizer etc. thanks so much for posting this, I want to give it a try now

  2. I like the algenist eye cream in the gold packaging. Moisturizing and works well under makeup for me. Sometimes at night I will put a tiny bit of aquaphor on top to seal it in for some extra moisture

  3. Try the season finale of season 1 NJ or the premiere of season 3 NJ and see if he bites. NJ is the only one my man likes. He used to like Beverley Hills (we both love LVP) but won’t watch it now that she’s gone, plus he hates Rinna a lot lol. He loves Teresa though 😂

  4. Nah this sucks actually. I don't like dogs. It doesn't make me a bad person 🤷‍♀️

  5. Thank you for saying this. I have been terrified of dogs since I was a child and have been bitten multiple times. On top of that, I don’t like them. If a person jumped on me, licked me, and screamed in my face it would be assault lol. I’m tired of being told I’m a terrible person or shouldn’t be trusted or whatever other bullshit simply because I don’t like dogs. People who think like that are small minded and ignorant and I’m so sick of that stupid narrative

  6. I think this sub is 50/50 when it comes to loving/hating Teresa. I admit I am a fan but I get why people don’t like her. There are definitely a LOT of people on this sub that dislike her though and I think a lot of people here have the same opinion as you

  7. I just knew this was gonna be Lala’s redemption year and I’m here for it honestly! I loved her when she first came on the show but then started to dislike her more and more as the show went on. But it seems like she is maturing and I’m glad she finally left the Fat Man™️ lol

  8. Princess and the frog is so underrated, it’s one of my fav Disney movies

  9. I am having a really hard time with my anxiety lately and the only thing that helps is distraction, does anyone have any feel good/comfort movie suggestions? A show works too❤️

  10. Have you tried podcasts? I find them great for distraction. I tend towards comedy, interview or news based ones. The lack of visual stimulus helps my mind relax more I think.

  11. I’m a huge fan of datelines podcast episodes and the other nbc true crime ones, as well as Casefile podcast. I have been wanting to try more but I am not a fan of any type of banter, I like the ones that stick to a story! Sadly I’m thinking the true crime ones are not great for my anxiety so I’ve been wanting to try something new, any recommendations?

  12. I would’ve looked her straight in the eye and dropped it in the trash. Do not let this person near your baby. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to infect the baby with whatever on purpose to “bUiLd ItS iMmUnE sYsTeM”

  13. Agreed, my MIL did exactly that to my one month old son and he got really sick for over a month. People like this should not be allowed around children

  14. Your MIL deliberately got your 4 week old sick??

  15. Sadly we did put up with her shit for a couple years after that, she has done so many things to try to destroy our family, all while gaslighting us and making us think we are awful people for not wanting her around our child. We have been no contact for almost 2 years now, thank god.

  16. I was binge-watching this show hard and I am looking forward to see season 2.

  17. Same, I have watched it 3 or 4 times already, can’t wait for season 2

  18. I couldn’t stand her lol. She was so lame and boring and her standards were too high. And she’s a scammer (MLM)

  19. David Foster, Gollum Darby, Seth Marks, Jim Marchese and Joey Gorga

  20. A Monahan jersey or a Suzuki jersey because Habs are my #2 team. I like the reverse retros

  21. literally watching this movie right now. pretty creepy reddit

  22. I like aquaphor, and it’s multi use so you can use it to slug, I also like putting it on my feet after lotion too when my feet are extra dry.

  23. Teresa and Meredith Marks. I feel like both of them are misunderstood at times

  24. I’d snap too, that’s a bs apology. I admit that I have pretty high standards when it comes to apologies, and if it doesn’t include the person apologizing actually owning their shit and being genuine I won’t accept it. You shouldn’t feel bad, if you accepted it they would just keep treating you badly and then give more half assed apologies and expect you to move on every time.

  25. Came here to say this! It works really well after makeup, and it works well for fixing crusty/cakey looking makeup

  26. I love it! The casting was perfect, so many likeable and interesting people. I like that I have multiple favs so I won’t be devastated if one of them goes.

  27. America is fucked. Glad she’s okay, that must have been terrifying

  28. Love pimple patches! I have tried many different kinds and they all work pretty much the same to me, so I get the AUSLKA ones on Amazon

  29. I’ve ordered the same ones (160 count package) at least 10 times, they are solid and pretty cheap compared to other ones

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