1. Ooh nice. So beautiful and fierce. Oh and love the dress!

  2. AP is one of my favorite K beauty brands! Definitely prefer it over Tatcha. I have a powder cleanser from Glowoasis that I also love and that leaves my face feeling smooth and soft.

  3. Good for you, I'll be joining you when my year runs out. Are you going to try another subscription box? My subscription addiction shows a bunch of awesome ones with ratings.

  4. Same. Patiently waiting for my annuals to be over. 🙄

  5. I really do think Ipsy and she copied Araceli a bit because Ipsy’s house brand created her brand like item beauty and they had access to all of Araceli’s ideas from previous boxes. Plus she copied another brand when she collabed with colourpop and colourpop had to pull the holachola collection.

  6. Wow, I didn't know about the thing with Colourpop. I'm not excited by her brand either. We've gotten so much of it from Boxycharm too.

  7. I binge watched all of her vids one weekend and waxed nostalgic. There was a bigger scene in the 80s and more of us walking down the street. I haven't seen anyone at all for many years in SF Bay Area unless I go to a club. Sure miss those days.

  8. I liked both locations but work near the Oakland one. It always seemed busy at lunch time and especially on Friday nights. I was surprised it closed though I did notice quality changed with mgmt towards the end.

  9. I chanced it and just signed up and it's for October. CS wasn't helpful. They just kept sending me the speil but not answering if I would get charged for September.

  10. After being a Boxycharm sub for over 5 years, that is also why I finally cancelled after subscribing to all 3 boxes every month since their launches (I was a charmer before luxe and premium were even around). The boxes now are shit. I would suggest ipsy Plus because you get to choose 3 of your 5 items every month but since ipsy bought boxy, they are basically offering the same products now. Allure has also gone in the toilet. 2018-2019 were the golden years for those companies before they got greedy. It used to be exciting. Not anymore. It could just be me though. Lol.

  11. No it's not you. I've only been signed since April 2021 and saw a noticeable difference in just this time. All long timers have said the same thing as you in that it used to be much much better.

  12. Seriously? I thought I saw somewhere that everyone was getting one.

  13. When should I sign up to get choice but not September?

  14. Yeah but then you’ll sign up for it and Oopsie they ran out of that bag and they’ll put it in some old crappy bag that you don’t even want. Or maybe I’m just venting about something that frustrates me about Ipsy. 😅

  15. Yeah but this has happened so much this year. Like every other month I think I've heard of it. So you're venting is on point!

  16. It really frustrating especially since about half this month are repeats

  17. It always delays my bag by about two weeks too.

  18. I love the brand and collect them. This one is a hard color story to use though. I played with it today and tried to make the green and pink and purple work and it was a huge fail I looked like a Halloween swamp monster. But I went back and tried again and got two cohesive eye looks. I used the lightest pink for all over and transition shade, and the middle top for a crease shade and the top right corner for outer corner v and it looked really nice, and used the the deep purple along near yeh lash line and winged it out. Still have not conquered the green, I’m medium tan so the green looks slightly browner on my skin so I’m still trying to figure how to use it, it’s not my favorite one but I still like it for it’s uniqueness.

  19. Halloween swamp monster 🤣🤣🤣 I'm medium with golden undertones. This isn't my color preference but I'd probably use the greens over the cosmos shimmer to warm things up.

  20. Mine hasn’t shipped yet! I think I might unsubscribe because I’m not really feeling the Tarte takeover for October. Also I think I can get the same products from Ipsy eventually.

  21. Yeah same here. My annual ends in October and i'll probably not renew. Not interested in any of the Tarte items. I already have what I like from them and it's not in the box.

  22. It says score a free gift with your qualifying purchase. Anyone know what the amount/gift is?

  23. In El cerrito, I didn't feel it. Got the warning though.

  24. Same but I didn't feel anything or get the alert.

  25. Dear Lord - I have an update - the defense drops taste like arse.

  26. Haha good to know. 😥 Wander is my choice too even though I didn't really want it. 🤞 That I get the palette.

  27. I can't help but feel pessimistic and snarky about that. I mean....a "glitch"? Really, Boxy CS? Is this the same glitch that's holding up my Aug 8th Drop Shop order? I dunno, this is turning into the same pattern of issues & excuses that made me unsubscribe from ipsy...

  28. I swear they take turns on this. It feels like one month it's Ipsy and the next is Boxycharm. For me this started last Fall and has become the expectation rather than the fluke.

  29. You're not alone in that. Still the Dropshops haven't been that great lately and with the orders from Mega being messed up, I'm leary of giving them more money. My 8/10 order got a label on 9/3 but hasn't moved. CS says not to worry but knowing them, I have EVERY reason to worry. Gonna take a break when my annuals to end. Most of the boxes are filled with items I would never purchase and with Choice items not being honored, it feels like I'm getting ripped off! The few boxes a year that are good aren't worth the money I'm wasting.

  30. I feel that way too. Its like loaning them money and not getting my money back but "if you spend $6" we will try to get you that item next month... this is bad. When they say don't worry. Yup, WORRY,

  31. Exactly. Even with the good boxes and choices that we can get, most items are still not something I'd probably buy even if the brand is one I like.

  32. Ugh, I got this same email today except it was for the Patrick Ta lip item. Like $6 is really going to replace that! Especially with what I'm seeing in the shop. I can't remember if this means there'll be one less item in my box or if they'll replace it with something else.🙄

  33. Thanks! It's happened so much this year, you'd think I'd remember by now.

  34. They moved warehouses according to some emails from CS. It seems everything but price increases are glitching. Hmm...🤔

  35. Ooh love this box! I picked the wander beauty but I really want the Ace Beaute palette and Thailor Bronzer!!

  36. Boxy told me I was going to get a repeat and I hope it's the bronzer but it could be anything since most what's showing under reviews, I already have.

  37. They're doing the same thing with the Glamglow cleanser for premium. It's really misleading trying to get folks to sign up using those variations.

  38. I used to work for Ulta, imo their palettes were always meh, a little powdery and not very saturated. I've heard that they improved, though. Best items from them were blushes, mascaras, and the shape tape.

  39. The one shown on the survey looks exactly like the Give them Lala palette we received last year. It was chalky and I had to keep reapplying since it didn't last.

  40. Looks like it'll be Tarte. Not exciting if this is what we'll get.

  41. I didn't get the email but IpsyvsBoxy and Ipsyboxyspoilers on IG, then HotmessMama on YouTube all said they heard it from their Boxycharm meeting.

  42. Three item order from 8/10 is still being put together according to CS, who says it can take up through the next month now to ship. Hmm, but I got my other larger orders that were placed after that. When this happens, they've been known to mess up and be out of stock.😒

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