1. Dry brushing has improved my cellulite a lot. Mewing and gua sha changed my face, my gummy smile is like 100x improved, double chin gone, face and philtrum are shorter. Acupuncture made my body and face way more defined and sculpted without working out or changing anything else

  2. 100% can relate to this, I'm Scandinavian. And we don't get free drinks or stuff. I know girls who are every attractive and they never get stuff, I know my bf have said the same he isn't scandi but he has talked with other Scandinavian women and he said there are literal 9s in Sweden thay wouldn't know it and they don't get special treatments. Which makes sense since Scandinavian men are very shy. I think you still sort of know but not as clearly as in America. I think looks is still a thing, men might talk about them privately but approaching and getting free stuff very very rare. Approaching in general isn't common in most of Europe, but I think women still get looked at but it's less obvious almost looking in a hidden way. I never knew I got looked at until my bf told me I get looked at all the time so I think in Europe it's not very common. You might notice a difference if it's a glow up where you notice people are nicer but free stuff is defiently not a thing, and in Scandinavian since equality getting things bought from you is not preferred maybe thays also why the men don't try to do it

  3. I don’t focus on the aesthetics of what it provides. More so the increased performance and decrease of pain. I will say waists significantly shrink

  4. Oh defiently I more have heard it's a bonus kind of. Why is that you think that waists shrink? Like is correct breathing working the abs, is neutral pelvis giving the illusion of smaller waist why is it? I find it so fascinating 🥰

  5. Repositioning of the ribcage via internal obliques. Gets most out of an over inhaled, flared rib state

  6. So intresting! This is a bit tmi but do you know why my bum crack wouls be crooked? I've seen it in babies but seems like they grow out of if, I'm thinking my pelvis maybe isn't neutral one more forward? Because I find that my quads are quite significantly a different size which I'm wondering if thats also related to my bum crack being crooked, when I say crooked I mean it leans to the right especially on the top 🥲

  7. About your teeth how come you wouldn't just do bonding? Much cheaper and better for the teeth I believe. I follow this dentist on tiktok who talked about how most people don't need veneers (she is like a cosmetic dentist and do really nice veenrers) but say usually people just need to straighten them and do a bit of bonding. So just curious what about your smile is it that you don't like? I have a horrible.smile as well and I'm soon done with my invisalign and Investing in your smile is so worth it 🥰

  8. omg i hadn't heard of that! i will def look into that! i had braces so my teeth are pretty much straight, they are just constantly yellow and rlly smalll

  9. Smallness can defiently get fixed with bonding, I have small teeth and that's what the dentist told me to do, for staining I think getting them whitened is a cheaper, since veneers on every teeth is very expensive

  10. I think that a lot of things can happen even in a year you can have so many experiences in even just one year. I think if you looksmaxx and then you actively live the life that you are saying lots of early 20s girls are I think you realize how much stuff happens in a year if you are truly proactive. Also attractive women of all ages gets treated better, now ofc men's preference is usually 20s but the way that I've heard it explained from men is if a woman is attractive if she's 40 yeah she's like an 8 she's not first choice but still find her very attractive and will pay her very much attention especially if there aren't a bunch of young girls who are hot. And to be honest I ralrey see very attractive women around.

  11. I defiently think women in their 30s still are. I know my bf have said some women look better in their late 20s then their early 20s. I think you can try to preserve your youth by eating nutrient dense food, movement (but not too much since cardio can be very stressful), strength training, stress management (like mediation, gratitude, mindset shifts etc) probably the most important is managing your stress it's so aging, sleep. But then there is ofc topical things you can do, I've seen a lot of good results from taping to get rid of wrinkles, also gua sha but if older I wouldn't do it too much since too gaunt of a face isn't youthful. I think also I struggle with this a lot, I will probably be my best at 27 and I feel lilr I wasted my youth, but sadly it's just something we have to accept we can't undo it and stressing and being sad about it is a sure way to age and look even worse, you can't get that time back and it's so annoying to think about but the only thing you can do is at least do something now, because if not the time will go by you'll get older and you'll regret not doing something, you want it to be perfect but unfortunately it's just not quite possible but I think you'll be suprised by how much attention women in their 30s get. I'd say most women can preserve their youth in their 30s. My bf always said that Monica belluci looked so so much better in her 30s and 40s, but I think when older I think getting a super fit big glutes body is the most important then try to preserve your health and youth. There are a lot of women that men love that are in their 30s, lika Ana de Armas is one that I can think of. Also hahah men are going crazy over this turning my mum into me trend and almost rediscovering 40-50 year old and so many of them are saying their mums are way hotter then their daughters, older women usually have currier bodies so if fit you'll often have a better body. Also a big reason why men also prefer younger is because to start a family it dosent make sense to do it with a 40 year old who probably can't have kids. But believe me with the information of lookmaxxxing and all the stuff we can do to preserve youth I feel like 30s is almost like mid 20s. I'd stay away from botox and filler though

  12. You had skight gunny smile before now its completely gone. Did you have nothing else done? Like laser or anything like that? Crazy!

  13. I had gengivoplasty but only in one front tooth that was a lot smaller :) the right incisor

  14. Wow it still looks like the other ones especially the front teeth as well got less gummy!

  15. It will not. Girls that chew are almost always more attractive than those who don't. Although they will see hypertrophy in the masseters, they won't look manly/masculine. Studies were done where mastication (chewing) encourages forward-growth. Furthermore, building on masseters gives the illusion of a longer mandible which is also ideal. Chewing will not give a girl hooded eyes, dominant eye-brow ridge or a square chin. And as with everyone, posture well while chewing and Mew recommends no more than 2 hours.

  16. When you say it encourages forward growth was that true foe adults as well? Or was this for kids/early teens?

  17. Wow! Wait there is no veneers or anything? Your skin around the mouth looks so more taught absolutely beautiful transformation. You look great 🥰

  18. I think less sugar is sort of good advice but also sort of not since like you said it's about glucose spikes and just like glucose godess have said these type of foods can be fine from a blood sugar stand point if you eat protein and fat, if you excerise before or after and or have lots if muscle in general, if uou use things like vinegar. It's important to say this I think because even if it isn't relevant quite in this topic it is when it comes to aging and that's happiness and not stressing, and living a life where you avoid the small pleasures in life like sugar it might even make you age worse bevause you're a control freak and since you can control blood sugar spikes I think a better advice would be to make sure to not overeat sugar since it's stripped of nutrtion but still something you can enjoy but make sure to do all these different practices to prevent blood sugar spikes. Another reason why it's important is bevause some people might then take it to extremes and think carbs isn't good, but I think any woman who has lost their period bevause they were on keto and just stopped eating carbs knows how important carbs for women is. Also for anyone who excersise regularly.

  19. Yes! Also the tip is usually what gives rhinoplasties away, they often look fake

  20. I wonder if it could be that you're using the wrong coloring this is especially important for foundation but also things like lips. So let's say you have a warm undertone in your skin and then you buy a foundation that is cool toned or even neutral toned it might look really odd. I find this is especially true for foundation since it's over such a big area. But even with lip colors sometimes it just looks so weird of the undertone dosent match my complexion.

  21. I'm having a lip lift next week and recently saw a lot of this scar images post op. Is this very common?

  22. Hey this isn't from a lip lift it's from a rhinoplasty, so I can't say if it's common from a lip lift I'm sorry.

  23. I don't know if micro needling works for this but I'm not an expert.

  24. I defiently think so, you should look into PRI peoples faces change just from assynetries in the body. I'd look into asdrawingaf on insta she talks lots about it actually her Twitter is probably better

  25. I think sometimes even eating a lot of calories won't work if your metabolism is very high. I think adding more fat is easiest, fat is very important but a lot of fat compared to carbs seems to make people gain more weight.

  26. Similar for me, it's not horrible. But I defiently like my 3/4 side profile more bevayse my mouth could be a bit wider. I don't know how bad yours are, people usually feel like their flaws are worse then they are but im sure it's something that could be improved 😊

  27. Super intresting. What are some interests or hobbies that you have? And what are some that people seem to find intresting? ☺️

  28. I’m going to DM you because my particular combo of hobbies and interests could easily identify me ☺️ But one thing I got a lot of interest from others in was when I got really into aquariums and freshwater invertebrates in particular (like cherry shrimp and aquatic snails). I got pretty nerdy about the science aspects of it but also just really loved having these gorgeous, fascinating creatures to watch.

  29. Okay yes DM me 🥰. Very intresting never heard of anyone having that hobby! But let's talk more in the dm ☺️

  30. Girl, I'm so sorry to hear! I've been in those rough places. I know. Things I did or have learned:

  31. Also wanted to add with the peanut butter thing, fat in general will be more filling and usually good quality of fats like tallow, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, duck fat etc can be more expensive but it's more filling and very nutrient dense so maybe if you look at your food budget and swap some high carb foods for that not because carbs are bad but because the cost compared to how filling and sometimes how nutrient dense isn't worth it if your on a tight budget.

  32. Looks like some sort of allergic reaction to me.

  33. Anything. I get similar bumps all the time cause i work as a surveyor locating property lines and I'm allergic to the tree that everyone uses for hedgerows and i always have to touch them.

  34. It defiently could be, just not sure what I'd be allergic too 🥲

  35. I just received the Oi shampoo, conditioner and milk in the mail and I HATE the smell. It smells like box hair dye to me. I’m really sad because I’ve been so excited about this delivery for the last week.

  36. Yeah I did the same I did not ship it back, the scent became the slightest bit better but still bad and my bf also thought it was awful. As someone who don't wear fragrence I really care about good smelling hair products. I might try ordering a different line from them but I did get the melu spray shield which also smelled awful.

  37. I do have a natural hourglass but it’s way more defined.

  38. So do you do blogilates pilates videos? Or did you mean that you do other ones when it comes to pilates?

  39. What I'd a collagen drink? Since you said no powder, how do you get the collagen in the water ?

  40. This was such an intresting post. I wanted to add if you do intermitted fasting that it might be better to fast in the evening. There is more and more research about th3 Circadian Rhythm and how important it is for health, to sleep better etc. And therfore the breakfast is more important bevause it almost tells the body it's morning, idk if that makes any sense but it helps with Circadian Rhythm basically. Also a guy did a study and found that stopping to eat ideally around 6-7 is amazing for the Circadian Rhythm and people lost weight and had other health markers that were way better by not eating too late. So not eating a big meal or fast in the evening might be a better option then fasting in the morning, I can try and find the guy who talked about it if you want ☺️

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