1. Cuban fighting harder for this than he did for Brunson

  2. Injury fans got their guy for the playoff push

  3. So just a gun problem then, gotcha

  4. Oh no he’s gonna follow the Kyrie Path and sign with the Nets next year

  5. KD tried to team up with Tatum same way he did with Harden couple years ago, least shameless superstar

  6. “Mentored by Pop” let that man retire already sheesh

  7. For those keeping score at home, that’s four POTW awards for Embiid vs. one for Jokic

  8. Sorry JJ it’s too late to make the ROTY race seem like it’s close, averaging 20 a game will always win (unless it’s 2018, and Williams isn’t Rookie Ben)

  9. Woah woah woah, that b2b is in two weeks, why are they assuming AD will be healthy that long? Baby steps

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