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  1. Reaper - Absolutely loved that shit, oh and firefly but everyone says that.

  2. Not only are YTA, the few comments that have been NTA have taken your report and perception of this situation at face value. I can't trust one word you've said "for" your niece. You seem obsessed with this and have warped the situation to fit your fairytale.

  3. Just a note to say: reading all these kind comments to OP, I really love this subreddit. We smelly-tribe can be so sweet! (Or gourmand, fougère, animalistic, spicy.. )

  4. Yeah it would be great if any post that contains something like “how many drinks” or “alcoholism” or anything like that is responded to with a message saying “Excessive alcohol consumption is defined by the CDC as more than x drinks per week. If you exceed this, you may have a problem, you can find help and resources here: [link]”

  5. Or just like, DUDE - if you're counting your wine in bottles and not glasses - reduce!

  6. TBH, it's one of the few PC products I never finished and wouldn't rebuy. It's sort of thick/goopy, so it's hard to apply the right amount to not burn your face off.

  7. As someone who loves everything you hate except Space Mountain - it's actually awful, DO NOT ride either ToT or Guardians.

  8. Breakfast at CRT is wonderful, and it's a great way to start the day in the park. Whether you're into princesses or not, if you're looking for "magical", this is it.

  9. What are you talking about, all people do on this sub is complain

  10. My apologies. I complained recently and got dragged by members. I agree with OP.

  11. Just went back to the post you're referring I remember seeing it before I'm surprised at the reaction you got.

  12. (Edited to add: Once I posted this wall of text/information, I realized loads of words can feel like a lecture/pile-on. My only intention is to provide information that may help explain details that Ipsy has put out, but not in a clear referable spot yet.)

  13. Literally passed on this at Marshalls this week for $19. I picked up the Nude Venus for $16 instead.

  14. OMG STAY ON PROPERTY. Transportation is awesome. OR rent a car or use Uber/Lyft. DO NOT stay off property with a toddler and an effing stroller.

  15. I love this whole line, so I would try to get it in a kit with some sort of discount or GWP. The Watery Oil is HG for me.

  16. I've only used Pureology, and it's given me no reason to buy something else.

  17. My only advice, especially since you're changing time zones, is to tack on another day. No park IMHO is a "one day" park, especially if you want to enjoy yourself. It's much more pleasant knowing that you have time to come back for something or that you can do some of the less popular but just as fun things without "cutting into" ride time on the more popular things. This is coming from someone out of state who has done countless 8-10 night stays. It's never enough time.

  18. I was recently in Tokyo working, and was taken to a bar owned by a master cocktail maker named Ueno-san called High Five and he made some kind of sublime concoction with a smoky mezcal and green tea and some mysterious sweet liqueur, chilled. Oh my god.

  19. I was going to go to Hawaii for the first time in June. I guess I'll have to tell the kids we're going to Tokyo instead.

  20. Could you still successfully save an ancient grape vine in a burning vineyard?

  21. if you have a Costco near you, their Kirkland brand purple bottle shampoo and white bottle conditioner is supposedly a dupe. i tried it bc they were like $9 each for such a huge container. i liked it but it wasn’t life changing. many said they were amazing though so it might work for you OP!

  22. I got a Tarte Quick Stick in a sub box and I like it way more than I thought it would. Waterproof stick shadow on one side, liner on the other.

  23. Elemis apricot facial toner- smells nice and is gentle on the skin

  24. I also love the Balance Me! I've been using PTR cloud cream for years and this may be a replacement.

  25. I ended up being really happy with my GBX this month, but I'm absolutely obsessed with the 5 Sens Catch Feelings.

  26. I literally cannot stand the smell of the Amika. I gave it to my mom.

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