1. Is it just me or is "Ontario Line" a dumb name for a subway line? I can see calling it that if it actually travels throughout the province, but this line is in Toronto. They couldn't have come up with something better?

  2. It's cause it goes from Ontario Place to Ontario Science Centre. I'm sure when it's in service it'll just be called Line 5 or something like that.

  3. Can't ever get over what he did to the franchise. Yes, the front office also happened to be shit. The trade package we got set us back a decade. But he broke the ultimate code: You don't quit on the team.

  4. Every now and then I think about how four out our first five draft picks were Damon Stoudemire, Marcus Camby, Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter and if we had a competent front office we should have won a title in that first decade. You literally could have played an actual junk yard dog as the fifth starter and still make it to the finals.

  5. Park here and walk south a bit on the Etobicoke creek trail. If the planes are using the southern most runways you'll be 'stupid close' to the action.

  6. Haven't picked anything up yet. The only thing that's available from what was suggested above is the Mullinex. Will probably grab one of those soon.

  7. Mullineux Kloof Street (another suggestion out of South Africa)

  8. Old Forrester 1920 > all of these. There's a few left on the shelves still.

  9. "There's $300M over 5 years to go around for all of you. You guys figure it out"

  10. I don't hate it, but for a famous wine region it is one of my least favorite. Corvina in general. Too hard to pair with food and too plodding unless I am having Osso Buco.

  11. Any Amarone not costing a whole paycheck you'd recommend?

  12. Upvote for raps championship banner in the background

  13. I have no tasting notes and zero prior experience with any of these wines. They were purchased 100% off my preference for right bank Bordeaux's as well as reviews (from critics and

  14. Just tasted Le C de Cali Segur, Bordeaux - 2019. This will fantastic and will age extremely well. Price tag 29.99

  15. Working on his second 10 day contract and in only his 5th NBA game ever,

  16. There's a few 2016 San polino riserva's left on the shelf at summerhill.

  17. Whistlepig 10 is the most rye-forward whiskey on the market and it's not even close IMO. The baking spices explode on the nose and pallet. I'd say it's the quintessential rye.

  18. I will go to my grave without seeing a worse player in the league than Rafael Araujo

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