1. Depending on the tone of voice some of these could mean very different things lol

  2. Usually hand times are fast because the person timing has to react to the gun, but they can anticipate the finish.

  3. sure - so no gun means that hand timers will clock an even faster time than they would otherwise right?

  4. The only trade partners I can think of are the Steelers and Bucs, maybe Colts? Seahawks?. The Steelers are in division, and the Bucs don't have the cap space. These things may not be dealbreakers, but they do complicate things.

  5. Sucks Jonah doesn't want to play RT, this would be a super solid group for the Bengals.

  6. Your new LT was worse than Jonah last year. Trust me, you will be pulling your hair out when Zeus does his imitation of a turnstile....actually, the turnstile would have more resistance.

  7. Chiefs fans are continually saying this and it's still not true. I'm not sure why they keep saying this. Jonah has worse raw stats and advanced metrics than Brown.

  8. Haven't you striped miscreants taken enough players from us

  9. Schultz is better but too expensive for my tastes. The Bengals have some extensions to ink

  10. He's a depth piece. Even if Williams gets traded and Collins gets cut, he's OT3 at best, and will compete with a rookie for the to be the top swing tackle.

  11. Damn is La’el about to be cut? Poor guy really never was able to bounce back from injury in Dallas.

  12. He tore his ACL late in the year and may not be ready for the beginning of the season. If they invest in a RT early in the draft, they may just decide to cut ties with Collins. Just speculation of course.

  13. Top needs are now TE and RT. If the Bengals can address TE before the draft they'll be in good shape.

  14. I wouldn't mind Zeke as a Perine replacement, but he'd have to be cheap. I wonder what he's looking for

  15. Fun(?) fact - former drycleaner spots are a nightmare to re-develop because of the chemicals used.

  16. I’m hoping he comes to Cincy. We currently only have one TE on our roster.

  17. We have zero I'm pretty sure. Shultz is probably too expensive anyway.

  18. I'm sure I just don't understand this list, but Kevin Dotson shouldn't be top 10 anything

  19. It's playing time vs draft position, so starting every game as a 4th round pick will get you money.

  20. Uhh how is Brock Purdy not at the top of the list? Dude made $782k and I know people have forgotten but he went 6-0 to finish the regular season and then won two playoff games with a 67% completion and 16 TDs to 3 picks with a passer rating of 108, and he's not even top 25?

  21. Most of the players at the top of the list probably played in every game. It's based on playtime, not stats.

  22. The RT Jawaan Taylor. He was a right tackle last year. He scored a 59 as a RT not a LT. You absolute clown

  23. It should tell you something about how Tackles are valued if someone who graded at a 59 got 80 million dollars to switch to LT. Donovan Smith started at LT and graded worse. The Titans don't even have a starting LT on the roster. Getting back to the main point - Williams could command a third due to positional value and lack of elite talent in the draft

  24. Stay on topic. I know it’s hard for you since u are clearly wrong. And you want to bring in people who didn’t even play the position as evidence for yourself. And talk about contract values. And other shit that has nothing to do with what we are discussing

  25. You said: Williams won't get a 3rd round pick as trade compensation because he is the worst starting LT in the league. The metric you used was PFF grade.

  26. Is that true? Isn't the tax rate based on where the game is played?

  27. Yes, and the AFC east plays in NJ, NY, and MA, all which have income tax. The real trick is to play in the AFC South. Only Indiana has income tax there, I'm pretty sure.

  28. Nice. A much needed depth piece. I figured they'd go iOL day 3 but it looks like they signed their guy.

  29. People are just saying anything. They've charged the person who shot the kid. Nothing has been dropped

  30. No doubt - the Bengals have a bunch of free agents on the defense after next year, which might help with the cap in 2024. They could do a little frontloading (like they did for Brown Jr), and make some cuts (please cut Mixon)

  31. I figured the Bengals would draft a guard day 3 for depth, but this would work too.

  32. Fair enough. Depth is key though, I don’t remember his contract being extremely expensive, so depending on the injury severity I could totally see them stashing him.

  33. Why is it that half of bengals fans are aware of the cocoa fact and the other half want to fight you for suggesting such a thing?

  34. Jonah was bad too though. Maybe there's another big tackle signing and we keep them for depth, idk.

  35. Jonah wasn't 'bad', more 'mediocre'. He allowed a ton of sacks but his pressure rate wasn't that bad.

  36. It does, but also the stability you gain in the short and intermediate does come at the expense of really hitting over the top. Early in the year when the Chiefs wanted to hit downfield more and he was on an island in 11p, he lost a lot and disrupted those throws.

  37. When the Bengals take shots they're always just fades near the sideline and those are very quick developing plays.

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