1. The B rule seems so stupid to me. What other teams have a logo for only the coach?

  2. It’s just culture homie. History and tradition are sometimes super valuable. It makes it a bit more special, makes it mean something.

  3. It's not even shade, he's trashing Gute and Murphy lol

  4. Basically said they lied to his face and he was not happy coming out of darkness after hearing “take however much time you need, we want you to retire a packer or come back” to their current views on him.

  5. Somebody get Luke Mertens a linebacker coaching gig asap wtf

  6. Yea so we can sign him for what he’s worth and have a solid tackle on our oline

  7. He wants to be the highest paid tackle in the league that’s why he’s on the trade block

  8. Yeah. It’s fucking stupid, and the only reasonable explanation. It’s been like this since this overhaul of scouting came to be. If you look at combine rankings, and someone was unable to participate, you will never find a player in that position ranked #1 in any drill for the combine. I’ve experienced it enough times in my play throughs to have deduced that.

  9. That's a very small part of my overall point...

  10. This is exactly what the packers did for years and look where they ended up when devante walked

  11. I didn't even put that together, let's fuckin' gooooooo

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