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  1. It's best not to think of them as pubic lice. They didn't give themselves that name. They're just another type of lice. They live where they can

  2. We're all just different types of lice, living where we can.

  3. I hope he doesn't live anywhere with frozen winters. Hard to fit gloves... or even mittens.

  4. yeah, it's easy to forget this site has been overrun with tweens in the last few years

  5. I think tweens have likely been a large part of reddit as long as I've been using it, but as I've gotten older, the types of things I approve of have changed and what I used to find funny or otherwise entertaining is no longer that way to me. I do sometimes cringe at what I used to upvote or comment over the years, but I'll probably still think that way about my current self in another ten years' time

  6. There are three cities in "far northern Canada" (i.e., the three Territories), and they are a lot more than 30 miles apart. Yellowknife and Whitehorse are connected to each other (and the rest of the country) by roads, though. Iqaluit isn't connected by road to anything, but that's because it's on an island and is several hundred miles from the nearest settlement.

  7. In fact, it's not t h a t true. Supermarkets are close to residential areas or even in city centres themselves everywhere else except the USA and Mexico. In those shitholes you really have to drive, sometimes more than 10 miles (16.09344 km) to get basic groceries. Hell on Earth.

  8. Even in my part of Canada, in a suburb, the nearest supermarket is 10 minutes walk away (with a walking path for most of it, sidewalks for the rest), and there's another five minutes further. I've got a local pharmacy, post office, pet store, restaurants.

  9. Maybe the truth is that you don't need a fucking tank to go buy a week's worth of food?

  10. And that three weeks worth of real food can sit in the other 3 seats, and three more weeks worth in the foot wells.

  11. I tolerate the curated ecosystem of android out of necessity, and would prefer much more openness in my phone, but the open source phones suck. Moving to Apple's user experience is exactly the opposite direction I wish to travel in.

  12. Depends where you live! In England you have a local finds agents and you tell them what you find, it gets recorded and if it’s not nationally significant you generally get to keep it! In Canada we don’t have anything formal but universities will generally tell you what you have, might register the site but then probably let you keep a small find. Again everything is different if it’s large scale looting. Anything deliberately/ knowingly disturbing an archaeological site is illegal. Edit: in England If you find something that’s legally defined as treasure like a hoard or a bunch of gold then you get 50% of the value in a generally goes to a museum

  13. In Canada, for fossils at least, if it is a surface find, you can keep it. If you need to dig it out, then its considered significant.

  14. Because edumication is part of the GAY AGENDA.

  15. It's amazing that in the 21st century they are still proud of their backwards dates and antiquated measurement system.

  16. It probably is. Theres no roads from the mainland to Nunuvut

  17. There is one(at least), it's partially a winter road, starting at the end of the Ingraham Trail.

  18. There is another way, which is to drive the James Bay Road in northern Quebec, then take a boat to the islands in James Bay which are part of Nunavut. Agree though that a proper trip would be fantastic.

  19. "Yeah, that’s not very typical, I’d like to make that point."

  20. I always laughed at that scene. Who ate? Nobody (and certainly not Vader). How long did they sit there? I doubt they sat down at all.

  21. Fear of this battle station. Only, unfortunately we can’t get parts for the battle station. And the storm troopers keep missing their targets. And they are deserting. And the moisture farmers keep towing away our tie fighters. So there is that.

  22. Some battle stations can move but not fire, while others can fire but not move.

  23. Queen’s dogs mistake his fingers for sausages, shenanigans follows.

  24. That would be a cool premise for a movie. Find a token for paradise, and the protag doesn't know it can be used to escape this reality to a better one at any time.

  25. That reminds me of a story where a scummy (and low skill) bounty hunter... goes to heaven.

  26. People often have these "savant level" skills. I met a guy that used to transcribe the English and Russian radio calls in the back of a P3 Orion when the US would "accidentally" penetrate USSR airspace enough to scramble their fighters. He would write the English with his left hand that had the a left headphone set to the NATO frequencies, and the Russian with his right hand with a headphone set to the Russian military frequencies. The goal was to document all of the escalation procedures and identify the common voices and procedures on the Russian side so that if there were any changes, the US would know something new was happening.

  27. My mom had a colleague years ago with independent eyes. He could do stuff like write different things with both hands.

  28. Nope. We’re also ashamed of our country… can I come live with you? I don’t like it here anymore.

  29. One of your comediennes said, "America, I still love you, but we should see other people".

  30. I mean technically the statement partly true. No supreme over arching law law exist giving British people a lot of rights insured most of it comes from judicial decisions and common law and is more heavily regulated. It seems more like it’s badly worded then ill intent, pretty much saying you can’t impose American views on what is and isn’t free speech on another county.

  31. How do you find the American cops in a consortium of police from all over the world?

  32. If green aliens landed on earth, you couldn't tell cops from rain forest clear cutters: "If its green or brown, cut it down."

  33. I think either we really do look younger nowadays (look over at my hoodie, sweats and adidas) or that we are completely delusional.

  34. I don't see any chess piece on the board called the tower they are called Rooks you can't change the name of a chess piece just to make the punch line of your joke

  35. Do the rooks on your board look like little chariots, or are they little upright tapered cylinders with stylized crenelations on the top?

  36. why would you travel if you live in the best country in the world? elsewhere is just pain and despair.

  37. Thing is, they don't even travel around their own country much.

  38. Nothing can be more American than producing a gun at any and every situation

  39. When they take out the trash, they really take out the trash.

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