New One Piece Film: Red Teaser!

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One Piece: Chapter 1044

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  1. Does buying a gold pass can make up for a 1 month abandoned account? Or at least half of it maybe? Either way 15 days saved time is good for me too.

  2. I think it depends on how you define “make up for”.While the gold pass gives you 20% efficiency boost at max,you wouldn't be able to get it for the first week, so assuming you reach 20% boost as soon as possible, it would roughly save you little bit less than 6 day worth of time, assume your lab and workers are always working. While gold pass also gives you some magic items that are related to time( resources item is not considered here,since you can farm so much if you are very active,and it is rather difficult to estimate loot gain without enough information) this include 2 research potion, 1 builders potion, 1 book of hero,spell, fight. Assume book of spell and fight saves you 8 day each, plus 2 research potion and efficiency boost,you would have saved 24 lab day, builders on the other hand, Assuming book of hero saves 7day of time, divide by 5( since Assuminh you have five workers),plus 9 hours of build potion value, and the boost, gold pass would roughly save you 7.7 days.

  3. You tried to “phish” his account from your main acc first but you got caught so they banned you. You tried to “phish” his account from your alt/second account but because you answered the recovery questions correctly as you were better prepared, you were not caught and weren’t banned. Virtually, this is the same thing buddy

  4. I'm trying to "help" not to "phish" even if the result will be the same, the meaning is different. I have no Intentions to fully take over his acc. I'm just trying to help.

  5. Seems like you still haven’t quite got the point. The meaning is the same for Supercell. This amounts to “phishing” as per supercell’s ToS. Visit their website and you can find reasons for getting banned. It does not matter if this is considered helping by me or you. It amounts to a violation of ToS, therefore giving them the power to ban you for 30-31 days. All this info is on their website. I have read it once and you too should read it once. Best of luck

  6. So really "Please Fix The Phishing" huh, when it comes to reading those long ass statements I'd rather pass.

  7. Future generations won't experience this feeling anymore, I'm glad I was here in this particular moment, all hail GOAT GODA.

  8. Luffy made me laugh with teary eyes, truly joy boy. I'm lost for words in this chapter, it's just purely ridiculous.

  9. Funnel bc you want the troops to go to the core. You could use the heros to make the funnel and then save a dragon or two for clean up on the back end

  10. Not going to lie, I was never a fan of dragons. I would use 3 golems 10 witches 5 bowlers 3 rage 1 heal a poison and a freeze. As far as cc goes. Wall wrecker with bowlers and get a freeze in the clan castle

  11. We're opposite, I want to try ground atks now since I've been using drag atks in war most of the time rn I'm trying to master hybrid miner and hogs. I'd like to learn that golem, witch and bowler

  12. That’s sick! I’m farming for blizzard strayer now until I get Ganyu. I also have like 20 resin to use in case I need. Looks like Skyward actually has a big difference on stats tho, but I don’t have it XD

  13. Good luck on using 20 fragile resin, I used up 3 today and got my final pieces for BS. Hopefully I can stop now.

  14. Man I'm proud with my 50/100 artifacts then this guy 70/100 without CR food. Must be nice.

  15. I just finished building mona a few days ago(you can see my post) and i use her with ganyu. I can safely say 210 er is enough for mona to keep up with ganyu burst.

  16. Oh right, I saw your post yesterday, lookin good. So trade some CD for CR hmmmm I think I got his covered, Amma tweak my build later then update it here.

  17. 2 days = 360 resin = 18 single runs = 25 ( being with generous bonus) 5* Artifact. You happen to get 4 correct pieces with correct mainstat, with double crit substat & it rolled several times into these.

  18. Lol i only farmed those 2 PF, the rest were farmed along my 1 year journey. Honestly I'm surprised it only takes 2 days.

  19. Once and for all, what is eula's max possible stacks without pines, constellations and Atk speed bonuses.

  20. You cant VV shred without another pyro(Thoma) you know.If you gonna use sucrose you gotta go for VV shred and for that you need another pyro.

  21. Isn't that overkill? Well I don't have any problems on my dmg, I can clear Abyss with this team I'm using so, I guess it's not that a big problem.

  22. Constellation what? Diona is usually avoided because she heals Hu Tao above 50 percent hp. But if u have c6 diona and u don’t use homa on Hu Tao, staying above 50 percent can actually be acceptable since her c6 gives u a lot of em when above 50 percent. Thoma really shines at c6 since he buffs Hu Tao normal and charge attack, he’s not that good at c0. But comparing both at c0 thoma is still better because he doesn’t heal and has a somewhat stronger shield.

  23. My Diona is currently at c3 and I'm not letting my hutao above 50% hp, this comp just let me do both vape and melt also diona's reduced stamina consumption is great, diona's ult is my last option and she heals not that fast so I can just get out of the circle before my hutao heals fully. Hmmmm might try my lucc for Thoma later. Homa user btw.

  24. I got skalter on 27th and now 40th roll........ Man where's my kal'tsit

  25. If you want your Albedo to deal a shit ton of damage it is considered you will pull for Gorou yes? You can just give him your artifacts to not waste those godly rolled ones because Gorou by himself doesn't deal so much damage and don't even need a specific set and weapon while also scaling from DEF. And if talking about farming the new ones... Well everything in this world has its price...

  26. Of course I am considering that you will pull for Itto banner though and if you are saving for another character or Albedo constellations than that's another problem. But if you like Albedo very much having the team of him, Itto, Gorou and another flexible character will give you the opportunity to use him most effectively because as sub dps he is good but as sub dps for a GEO team he is just a must have.

  27. My only plans in the near future is ganyu. If I got gorou I'll prob have fun with with 3 geo party members with zhongli in the mix, I'm sure it'll be fun seeing those big pp numbers pop

  28. Look at the Cryo mage, it also got slashed by her Q, so I thought before her Q just slashes horizontally whatever is in front of her but I think it adjusts like shown above.

  29. I think it's the same art style as that one Nami doujin where she was captured on whole cake island and gets raped by chess soldiers

  30. I'd say crown his E and level him to 90. From what i hear his Def scaling to level 90 is worth it. Idk much about what else to do besides from grinding out artifacts with broken substats, but that can be painful

  31. I can still get 61 more Def if I level him to 90 I guess that'll help a lot!

  32. I'm getting so much feedbacks already, I'm surprised unlike on the other mains, I asked questions and the feedbacks will come after an hour or so. Proud to be an albedo main!

  33. The blessing worked..... I just got an atk sands with CR and CD plus 4 stats at lv0, but I don't have any artifacts to feed rn I'll just grind for more and hope that it will turn out better than my half copium sands

  34. I voted for “it’s fine” but I actually didn’t read “her passive is included” so I’d say you should aim for higher crit rate, my ganyu’s crit stats are 60:210 without her passive and cryo resonance ( which bring it up to 95:210) but I’d say 40% crit rate is decent on ganyu (I guess you’re using a melt comp) since her pssive brings it up to 60% but just 50% including the passive is a little low, I’d say you could sacrifice some crit dmg, if you’re able to bring your crit rate up to at least 60% (with passive) while keeping her crit dmg at around 190% I’d consider it a win since 10% crit rate is more valuable than 10% crit dmg

  35. I just completed my copium WT pieces and it turns out that I can achieve 60/200 with passive also included, yes I'll run her on a melt and freeze comp so I'll be farming one more arti set for her. While farming BS I can still improve my WT by converting trash arti!

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