AITA for not inviting my unsupportive sister to my wedding?

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AITA for taking my kids to my parents house to sleep because my husband will not enforce the rules when his parents visit?

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  1. NTA, if she was literally trying to tell you by actions that you aren't that important to her her actions would not have been very much different.

  2. I'm hoping she will answer that question once and for all when she returns home tomorrow

  3. Afraid that you can't just take her word for it anymore. She will be looking to find a way to have been right.

  4. Ireland had plenty of grain production but the way it was set up the grain was sold to the highest bidder, usually a British buyer, rather than to local towns and cities. This meant that Irish people often were stuck having to buy their own produce at elevated prices, which is why the potato became so important for them in the first place, since it was a relatively new produce to Europe and thus got around these laws.

  5. I heard somewhere that cats that aren't neutered (or, at least, aren't neutered until after adolescence) end up looking differently. Anyone know if that's true?

  6. It's true. Males that grow up unfixed have heavier heads and shoulders.

  7. every tortie I've ever personally met has been quite outspoken

  8. But I think it's from a place of concern. Sis is trying to get OP to move forward and accept her life now. It's been 2 years of grieving but OP is still behaving and thinking that she has a husband.

  9. Doesn't matter. At the end of the day it's OP's choice how to live the rest of her life and not anyone else's. Also there are religions that carry the idea of marriage beyond death. Not everyone is Christian.

  10. NTA. My grandmother as a widow and until the day of her death she signed everything as Mrs. H. D. Salisbury, her husband's full name. She loved him intensely and never showed any interest in another partner. If someone had called her Stewart it would absolutely have offended her. Your sister needs to chill and respect your boundaries.

  11. YTA. everyone needs some rebuilding time. I don't think you're a terrible person but I think you're blind to a lot of the work she does when you're not there. It's tainting your judgment.

  12. Do we need to break out the Chris Rock and point out that nearly every recent colored victim of police brutality broke at least one of the rules?

  13. Unconstitutional. 100% unconstitutional, doesn’t matter what you feel if a neighbor can just report any behavior as dangerous, and it’s not followed up with an actual conviction it’s unconstitutional. You’re stripping someone of their rights because… we’ll just because you don’t like guns

  14. You're right, nevermind the downvotes. We give up our rights only as a result of a due process of law, a proper hearing from a proper judge with a proper chance to defend ourselves, not as a result of police having a feeling. Only a specifically written warrant should EVER supersede Constitutional rights. If we weaken those protections we might as well not even have rights in the first place.

  15. Not that there aren’t all kinds of assholes out there, but I have never in my life heard a feminist say anything like this. It sounds to me more like something an incel would claim feminists say.

  16. Someone is fortunate enough to never have been in the same room as a raging TERF.

  17. Proud of you, warrior! You lived our ideals more completely than most people I know!

  18. The older theory is that the Little Ice Age, lasting from 1300 to 1850, made the Norse leave Greenland. That being said, new theories point towards droughts pushing the Norse out, according to UMass Amherst researchers

  19. Feels like a false choice to me. I'm sure the Little Ice Age changed moisture patterns.

  20. I just flew across the western U.S., and was struck once again by how much inhospitable (to us), uninhabitable terrain there is in the world. Most of Australia fits that category, and as with the western U.S., water is the limiting factor.

  21. Not the best example. The Vikings abandoned Greenland because a climate shift made survival there go from difficult to impossible given their level of technology.

  22. A lot of the Greek sciences and mathematics were preserved in monasteries. Science, literature, mathematics, the springboard on which the renaissance reached new levels of technology. Much of this was preserved by the Catholic and Orthodox churches and much of the rest was preserved by the Zoroastrians and Muslims in places like Baghdad and Ctesiphon. Call it a team win for religion

  23. YTA. You are rushing headlong into something you're clearly not ready for. Lashing out like this for someone who isn't rude or mean but just tells you something you don't want to hear is a sign of immaturity.

  24. Yeah OP you need to understand... your sister is "right" here, her concerns are valid and you pushing her away because of them is an even bigger red flag.

  25. NTA. No matter in what mental state she is right now, you found someone to come in and help her.

  26. Wife is forgetting something very important. OP is part of his own family. He does have needs and those needs are family business. Maybe when she's done growing up (clearly hasn't happened yet) she'll figure that out. I hope it happens before she torpedos the marriage and not afterward.

  27. NTA. At 3 months old your daughter can be left alone for a little while as long as at least 1 adult is looking after her. This is personally important to you, do what you need to do.

  28. Yeah those eyes say please keep your distance. Gorgeous girl hope she warms up.

  29. She gained 10 pounds IN FOUR WEEKS? What were they doing, force feeding her butter?

  30. NTA. This is basically a mommy strike. You aren't being appreciated so it's time to remind other members of the household why you're important.

  31. OK dude, listen, we're going to have to have a little come-to-Jesus meeting here.

  32. Beggar? Piss off Russian troll🖕

  33. No Russian troll here, but Ukraine is in the position of needing to ask for a lot of international help right now. "beggar" might be a harsh sumup, but it has the advantage of being completely accurate.

  34. This didn't start with the pregnancy. This started with our dude being a meathead and going in raw on a woman who wasn't safe to get pregnant. That started the pattern we're seeing here.

  35. Your husband is YTA, but not for the reasons you mentioned. He's TA because he didn't wear a condom and got a high risk woman pregnant. THAT lack of respect and consideration set the table for everything else. This man thinks he owns you and can abuse you to suit himself and needs to be taught otherwise.

  36. Margaret is one of those names that I associate with older ladies/grandmas, like I can’t imagine a child named “Edna” either.

  37. That sounds freaking great. Culture be damned I'd have wanted to see that on my plate regardless of the time of year.

  38. How much you wanna bet that the people making a fuss and forcing the apology weren't even black?

  39. Siri/google assistant/Alexa is actually really useful for this. you can just activate them, then say the word out loud and as long as you get the pronunciation right they'll pull up a definition. If you don't know the pronunciation just type it into google. Usually for more uncommon words the top hit is its dictionary definition

  40. OP stated that her son said he was upset about being outed? How is that not about the orientation?

  41. She didn't out him. He outed himself. Come on, you have a brain, use it better

  42. That is the way he felt and the term he apparently used.

  43. Sure he might feel outed, but that doesn't mean he actually was outed. Based on behaviors the kid probably didn't realize he was already effectively out. All Mom did was make this clear to him.

  44. If this is actually Brazil rather than Italy, which I think is distinctly possible, that scooter guy is the getaway driver, and he's there because once mr. Purse Thief picks himself off the ground, he's supposed to drive him to the next target. That scooter is rigged to carry 2, and teams of 2 moto bandits is sort of a Brazil thing. I think it's a South America thing in general, but definitely in Brazil.

  45. I agree, his propaganda is showing a very Russian pattern lately. Much more so than he used to be doing.

  46. I played it for about 300 hours. I stopped mostly because I'd "solved" the game and playing had become formulaic, once you know a "right" way to play any game starts to get stale

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