1. It's probably because she genuinely made the cop laugh. If you want to get out of ticket easily you have to make a cop genuinely laugh. Here is a Gabriel Iglasias "Fluffy" explaining the exact concept with a joke. Stupid race bait article.

  2. Because BG hates the USA where BG makes millions a year. BG needs some hard time to really think. BG will be beyond money earning age in basketball if BG stays alive in a Russian prison for a decade. Go woke--go broke & sometimes to prison but definitely to hell.

  3. There's plenty of video showing BG taking the knee. I could care less but BG's predicament is poet justice for many. Let's see if the USA National Anthem has more meaning 9.5 years from now. Spoiler--Biden the weak ain't going to solve this problem. Putin smells weakness like Biden smells litte kids.

  4. Taking a knee is a form of freedom of speech. Isn’t that what you right wingers are worried about losing the right to???

  5. She’s also a great candidate, which is why she’s won twice now.

  6. No, but I voted for her, as did my wife, my coworkers, my friends and my family.

  7. Kinda like when we had a rotation of JV, Scherzer, Porcello, Anibal Sanchez and Robbie Ray in the mix. At least y’all won a WS.

  8. This dog has zero of the features that people buy pugs for. A noble goal to be sure, but people who want pugs want a small breed that requires minimal exercise, not a working dog that requires significantly more exercise.

  9. Fuck those people. They create a market for an unhealthy breed and if they wanted a pet that requires minimal exercise they can go buy a fish or turtle.

  10. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a dog for a more sedentary lifestyle, calm down. People like small dogs, get over it.

  11. Oh boy goggle kid is back on the mound. Hoping for a good start from the young guy

  12. Elvin Rodriguez has way better numbers than Anderson in 10 starts at AAA. He tipped pitches and the rest is history but, no. Anderson would not have been a better option.

  13. I mean sure but I’d rather the vet come up and fill in during a lost season than a AA guy who tips pitches. Can’t imagine the struggles are doing ElRods confidence any favors. Guy needs more time in AAA and a team that according to the FO is done rebuilding wouldn’t bring him up over a vet like Anderson.

  14. Anderson is unlikely to ever be in the mlb again. His career is probably over. Wanting to start that over a promising 24 year old is silly.

  15. I mean he won’t be promising if he keeps getting shelled. You’re arguing that a dude with a 10+ ERA should be in the league. Let’s keep tossing him out there and letting his confidence get destroyed. That’s how you ruin a promising guys career.

  16. Sorry to hear about your brother. I wish you well.

  17. After 6 months of trials im supposed to interpret a different meaning from the cdc director? The president also said the same thing.

  18. Do you know the sample size of the data? Do you know what “suggest” means? Do you know the other factors that exist which can cause a virus to not be transmittable?

  19. Bassitt vs Miami today? My team cannot tolerate a blow up

  20. If it wasn’t for the absolutely unique experience of a Peacock broadcast I’d probably be watching something else by now

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