1. Oh wow what 🤣 okay thanks! you can just delete the comment to be safe

  2. That was the only one I didn't get! The gem scenes for the second and final date are spicy sex scenes so I'm sure the first one is just as good.

  3. you have a lot of nice stories to play! i really enjoyed Enzo, Nair, Nixon, Cedric, Joel, Antonio, Reece... and others that even if they're not my favs i kinda liked them like Tomas, Levi, Nader ^

  4. We ALL were 😭😭 still holding out hope that they may update him Friday like others have mentioned

  5. Is he any good? What's his story like? Any spicy scenes or is he sweet? I need the info lol

  6. He’s so worth it imo. He’s charming and a lot of fun, and he’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. The dates were all a lot of fun.

  7. Oh, you mean if they ever bang? I honestly tapped-out after the kidnapping part was done and just gem-farmed the rest of the story so I don't know.

  8. They did not have sex. MC still trying to figure out what to do with their partner up until the very end.

  9. He's one of my favorite matches, mostly because of the stuff outside of the BDSM scenes. I liked how he treated the MC, also bonus points for being devilishly handsome or at least to me. I know why people didn't like him, but I adore him. If you like 50 Shades of Grey inspired stories, then sure, go for it. I do like the ending of his story a lot.

  10. Can you tell us from your point of view why people didn’t like him? I’ve also never played his route but I’ve always heard things but never really understood what they didn’t like

  11. He comes on strong and he can be demanding at times. I think people don't like the BDSM parts either because it's like 50 Shades of Grey in that aspect, not exactly like it, but close to it. I'm not against a little BDSM myself, but I can see why people don't care for it, especially the way it's written in his story. Otherwise, I don't know, I adore his personality for the most part and he seems incredibly sweet and sincere to me. I found him to be very endearing, but I guess that's just me.

  12. I find it surprising how popular he is, but honestly a lot of people thrive on that toxic kind of love because of the intensity of it all. I personally value my inner peace way too much to deal with that.

  13. I haven't played his story yet is it worth it or skip ?

  14. Lol 😂 wait till you get to the last date with him 😉

  15. I LOVED him. I didn’t think I would because of how short it was but I was shocked and I need him back asap.

  16. Who knows, they clearly cross a lot of paths in stories but also imply you are playing as a different MC every time. So he could have been there for all we know 😅

  17. I noticed that too but pretty sure it was just a typo 😅 I don’t see MeChat writers being that clever lol

  18. He has 7 dates. I don’t think it’s short but there were longer ones. And I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but the story was nice and the ending pretty sweet, even tho it was pretty obvious where it would go too.

  19. Yeah it does depend lol. I've replayed that date a few times cause Chaee and MC have a fun back and fourth 😆

  20. I’m personally a big fan of his (I played his counterpart) and they do have a great back and forth! He definitely charmed me 😊

  21. Chase cause I actually think mc calls him a stalker or a creep but it's nothing extreme lol

  22. That’s because he follows MC home to make sure they’re safe after he messed up the date and MC decided to walk home instead. So I guess it depends how you see it 😅

  23. I’m spiteful so I’d be so giddy if we got the option to move on, fall for someone else and it crush Noel. Give him a taste of what he missed out on ugh

  24. Tbh I'm kind of shook that people blame Noel for Jasons feelings. I've honestly never read it here, but okay, I'm not online 24/7 so I might have missed it.

  25. I personally don’t blame Noel for Jason’s feelings but I do feel like everything you listed regarding Noel’s actions prior are exactly why I am angry. I feel that of none of that happened, and then I walked in on Jason kissing Noel I’d be upset but I’d be a lot more willing to hear Noel’s side. But everything he did leading up to this basically put his friendship with Jason first, not to mention the whole backstory with Hannah and how that ended. So then to be in a situation like that, Noel acting the way he did with Jason and even if he didn’t initiate that kiss, nothing he did in any scenario after the update showed that he really cared about MCs feelings. My opinion and perception anyway.

  26. He is just early release. The exclusive characters won’t appear in a chat until you purchase them, unless you have a glitch of course. But someone posted a pic above with the difference in colors of the chat previews so you would know of you somehow matched an exclusive character

  27. Ooh how do you like Leo’s story? I’ve heard mixed reviews. I’m looking to do another exclusive soon and contemplating him or Jasper next

  28. Jasper is great but it’s just so short and he needs an update asap :(

  29. Glad you found a community to be a part of! I hope you continue to enjoy the app and this community. Remember we’re here to help and you don’t need to pay for CGs (character pics) bc you can find almost all of them here depending on how new the character is. Happy matching :)

  30. Yeah, this is such a weird, rushed story. I’m not sure if it’s cuz he’s a ~scientist~ but he talks more like a robot than the Android matches

  31. Seriously the Android had a much wider range of emotions and even conversation topics

  32. Aww thank you so much! It's okay about the CGs i was just really surprised no one was talking about him! I will do his route for sure now that I know! Thank you again 💓

  33. I think this is because he was released with Wu and his story while separate sort of ties in somewhere

  34. I mean, you can always reset the story or just replay dates you liked most... 🤷🤔 But yeah, Knitting Yourself a Scarf is a great idea 👍 serves as distraction and keeps you warm 😊

  35. JJ Baxter and chase Milligan! God- my babies! Mechat has completely forgotten about them!! I love then so much 🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️

  36. I've just finished. OMG it was bad. Not only the plot and the "last two pictures" thingy but the way it was written. The dialogues, the smuts (srsly "shaft " and "meat" 🤮) the MC and the lack of chemistry. It was like someone write it in hurry or does not know english very well. IDK, recently, there are some new stories that are good (Nixon Kaur for example, Felix, Lewis, Genevieve, Tobias) some are mediocore like read and forget (Aksel, Dorian, Lincoln, Archer) and very very bad ones (Circus guys, Yves Nobel, and this one). But it's like never know what hits you 😆)

  37. I just finished this update and I’m so pissed. They can both get fucked

  38. Can you spoil what happens? I’m trying to understand why those are the last two CGs like this looks like the kind of ending that would get me mad and I just started this match.

  39. I would love to be waiting in her bed, all hot, bothered, and needy 😓😛

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