1. You are so beautiful!!! I thought this was a pic from makeup addiction!

  2. Of course the whole outfit is nice, but what stands out to me is how nice your shoulders look and how they don't look bulky. I don't know what your exercise regime or diet is like, but I wish I could replicate it.

  3. Thanks! I always feel like they look bulky when dressing. They are definitely my most masculine feature. I do a lot of running and yoga, plus eat healthy

  4. Your hair looks amazing! How long did it take to grow out?

  5. Thanks! Just passed two years! Has been hard to resist chopping it off

  6. I have a question, how is it that you pass as a guy when not dressed?

  7. The dress looks great on you. I would suggest wearing a slip underneath just so it hides the waist cincher under the dress. You can see the hooks through the dress. Other than that it looks great and you look great wearing it!!

  8. Yeah, I know πŸ˜•. One of the reasons I don’t like this pic too much. Do you have any suggestions about what kind of slip?

  9. Not my favorite pic, but since my other post was so popular, I wanted to show the other side 😁

  10. Thanks 😊. I think I look better than before, but the upvotes don’t seem to support that haha

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