Eco-terrorists damage gas pumps

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  1. That's a basic driving/life fail. I don't see how you feel obligated to tell people what was already done to you to highlight your major error when it was clearly already done at the time. Not everyone is that unaware and obviously know to highlight idiocy by flashing their lights and warning you you're a hazard. Blame the NCT all you wish but it's only the drivers responsibility.

  2. Can't agree. It was marginally better than the previous but still poor. I like Norton but he could have only hurt the movie, so it's all his fault.

  3. Fuel will still pump, everyone may just fill their tanks. The irony!!

  4. What grown adult is afraid of a 8 month old puppy? How about you stop whinging and actually just chat to the owner like a normal person, instead of having a mild freak out online.

  5. One or more would potentially require medical assistant

  6. That second fork that emerges, with a hand attached to it, to liberate something you've been saving until closer to the end - sad times

  7. She's trying to control you, maybe subconsciously.You do you. People wo/man have different preferences

  8. Same could be said for my end as you bring nothing knowledgeable to the table. You realize I could make the same argument of "facts are facts. The end" yet still be entirely wrong? My point is that your stance doesn't make me feel like anything nor does it accomplish anything. You're still wrong at the end of the day in my eyes because you offer absolutely nothing. You act as if slapping "-fact" on the end of your own emotionally led claim suddenly makes it true.

  9. I've no intention of arguing. Your misuse of quotations is enough for me.

  10. Fine by me, I doubt you'd bring anything life-changing to the table considering your lack of understanding of the English diction.

  11. Nato is expanding because countries want to join Nato. Russia is expanding by taking countries and areas by force. Nato is not a country that would invade other countries to take control. All countries of Nato knows that war is not good for business. It's also not popular in the general public.

  12. War is fundamentally how the US have built and strengthened their country and economy. They have kept this by dividing. Their own people through many means i.e division of sex, colour, religion, social class, and political stance. The US is constantly or trying to destabilise governments for their own benefit under the guise of freedom and democracy. Some democracy with only two horse racing, either red or blue. What happened to the white on that flag.. Where's next? Lithium rich deposits. Follow the money.

  13. Do you actually think women think we can hit men without being hit back? That’s fucking stupid. I don’t know a single fellow woman who has thought that. Again, that’s fucking stupid. Literally every woman I know is of the mindset that if you hit someone, you are open to being hit yourself. What the fuck are you actually talking about?

  14. You and the fellow women you know of the same aforementioned mindset are unicorns..

  15. Of course you do, and I'm sure you and you and you also disagree. Facebook missus y'all

  16. redditors here doing mental gymnastics to justify antisemtisim, why am i not surprised

  17. Those towers were made of something stronger than the twin towers I suppose

  18. Hold your breath now, it'll be easier than watching anything with that fella in. I hope you enjoy it. I just can't for the life in me understand how he's still an actor - unpopular opinion maybe but I doubt it. He's just pure shite, and those counter productive eyebrows - are you happy, surprised or sad. Definitely the worst casting by far, but I'm also hopeful to be corrected

  19. Honestly, I'm not making an argument for or against abortion. I'm simply pointing out the guy in the video has reason to question the people who say black lives matter when black women undergo abortions at a greater rate than other demographics. Working as intended, it appears.

  20. Whatever enrages you I'd like to sign up to, please keep me posted for new way to enrage you 😒

  21. Just stare at people with mouth open - buy one get one free

  22. How to make a fool of yourself on TV, teenager version. Well executed, I'd give it an 8/10.

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