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  1. It's a side effect of using hard water, so if you live in an area that has soft water it's never something you probably had to deal with.

  2. And if you're not sure what kind of water you have, they sell test strips for very little money. You'll end up with way more than you'll ever need, but they actually make good gifts (I'm not kidding)

  3. 8 cups wouldn’t cut it in my house. Every time we see a 14 cup we grab it because they’re rare.

  4. They're really not that rare, at least in America. Both online and in stores, there are tons of options.

  5. This is absolutely the first time I have ever seen someone write out St. Louis as "Saint Louis"

  6. It's one of many reasons that tips off that this is fake, lol

  7. This isn't even close to being true for so many reasons. An adult child can't sue for child support, if he could, it has likely been too long, and the mom never got any child support order while she was raising her son. Any lawsuit would get tossed long before it ever reaches trial.

  8. The major issue is that the barrier to entry is much lower and ease of replicability is unfathomably higher.

  9. The reason I don't see this as a problem is that the groups that are actually of concern already had the resources to produce quality fake images. A convincing fake takes way more than a realistic looking image, and that's something random people won't be able to address.

  10. Could they be trying to appeal to house flippers? They're all over and probably see that, and their mind goes "deal!" I'd be curious to see the rest of the listing

  11. The ladder hitting the back seems to have made contact though.

  12. Tons of stuff would have made contact. They avoided anything too heavy or sharp. They also didn't show how it handles another car scraping the side or carrying/pulling objects past the car hitting it, which I'm guessing are the most common cause of damage in a garage and also unlikely to full protect against. This plus a clear bra probably would handle the garbage can though

  13. While also complaining about needing to pay for good journalism and sharing ways to get around paying.

  14. Let's just compare this to a man going bald. Yes, it can be fixed. No, it's not easy to fix. Yes, going bald can cause insecurity. No, it's not the guy's fault his hair is falling out. 100% dude knows his hair is thinning.

  15. That's a horrible comparison. Shaving doesn't cost thousands of dollars. If the only way to get rid of facial hair was laser treatments, then you'd have a point

  16. If you've got fair skin and are prone to ingrown hairs, shaving is not a solution.

  17. So.... me? My best friend has it even worse. Once you learn what works for you, it's not an issue.

  18. Hopefully it's nothing, but this is never a good sign

  19. Its spring training, I imagine they ask starters to say something and get out the moment something feels different

  20. Or just take away franchises that aren’t trying to compete

  21. It's a temporary solution. With the rules as they are, not trying to compete every year is a necessary strategy. The rules need to change, not the owners since the new owners would eventually do the same

  22. bl1y says:

    Holy shit, College Humor did something funny this decade?

  23. Looks like it was made last decade

  24. How did nobody link the infomercial they made for this. It's hilarious.

  25. Aw, I was hoping it was an actual infomercial. I really wanted to know how they'd fill 20 to 30 minutes of airtime on it.

  26. Hate might be a strong word but trying to get into a game 3 separate times is more effort than most would do for a game they don’t like.

  27. I'll give a game a second look if I gave up on it pretty fast. No game gets a 3rd look, and I won't even give a 2nd look if I feel I progressed far enough to experience the game play loop

  28. And everyone that read this post blinked a few more times in the minute after

  29. The Emoji Movie gets more hate than it deserves. The worst crime it committed was just being a bland, boring movie with nothing remotely memorable about it.

  30. Did kids like it? I just assumed it failed at being the kind of movie that worked for adults and kids

  31. Why are you making stuff up like this? There is nothing about hour last post or in your profile to get random guys to randomly solicit you to hang out. That's not an insult, very few redditors look interesting enough to warrant that.

  32. Then there was the time Moore and Andy Grove were sitting in their offices (actually big cubicles - this was Intel) late at night struggling with Intel's flagship memory chips business which was getting pummeled by upstart Japanese competition. The silver lining was that Intel's x86 microprocessor business was going gangbusters thanks to the IBM PC. Grove asked Moore rhetorically, suppose the board kicked us both out and brought in new leadership. What would they do? Moore answered immediately, "They would get us out of the memory business." Grove said, why don't the two of us walk out the door, come back in, and do what the new guys would've done. So that's what they did.

  33. Idk, my favorite t-shirt is just over $30 when you factor in taxes and shipping. It's super comfortable, fits well, and looks decent. I can not understate how comfortable they are.

  34. Thankyou for the info lol as a 5th gen Canadian my family and I usually eat a salad before dinner is served as well

  35. You guys had multi course dinners on a regular basis? We always ate family style or 1 course, everything is on the table at once. Having actual courses with stuff coming out at a specific times always seemed like a rich person thing

  36. That’s lovely but it makes me so sad that there’s an entire generation that need be told in writing that something is going to happen in three seconds, or they’ll just move on.

  37. Generations*. Classical music hasn't been popular in a while. Boomers, genX, and millenials almost all are missing knowledge of classical music. What generation do you think last could identify themes in classical music.

  38. Wtf is this thread. You're literally having a conversation with yourself. Did you forget to change accounts?

  39. No one here thinks they're smart. You just literally got caught arguing with yourself. You called yourself a dipshit, and then (I assume) reported it so it got removed and then replied to it calling yourself out for calling you a name.

  40. The nfl weed test was the easiest thing in the world to pass. They tested once a year, and it always came at either the start of OTAs, or the start of preseason minicamp. If you couldn’t pass it you had a legit problem.

  41. I refuse to believe NFL players almost all abstain from weed. If you told me 75% used weed, I'd believe you. It's benefits solve way too many issues that NFL players face (which just makes it more fucked up that they suspend players for it)

  42. I agree his suspensions were dumb, but we don't know what he tested positive for. Saying he was suspended for weed is misleading about a situation that is awful without changing details.

  43. You read (part of) an article posted on Reddit? If I could give you an award, I would do so.

  44. Oh, I didn't get that far. She's even more of a Karen than I thought.

  45. Let’s give you a chance to illustrate the difference between the two professions and how that’s relevant here.

  46. Anyone can be a nutritionist. I could call myself a nutritionist and sell my services offering diet advice and I'd be as qualified as your average nutritionist. A dietician actually is a title you have to be qualified for and calling yourself one when you're not is a crime. Due to the lack of oversight for nutritionists, they're very popular among pseudo and anti science people.

  47. Then edit your comment. No one should be recommending a nutritionist. Your comment right now is a harmful comment while it says they should find a nutritionist

  48. Nobody wants “the best seats” at minor league games. They usually go as gifts to corporate partners and such…

  49. I disagree completely. Minor league games give a wider audience a chance to watch the game from locations they couldn't afford in professionals and tons of people take advantage of it. I literally have season tickets for an ahl team and end up talking to the people nearby when i go.

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