1. do it, i have some and it’s funny + it can be conversation starters! if they’re waterproof then even better

  2. Ooh i’m interested, sent you a PM!

  3. For my first order, it only took half a day! However, I made one last month and waited 3 days for a confirmation :/

  4. It’s too late for this term, but maybe you could apply to a korean uni and get a student visa? Also my country has started to issue Working Holiday visas again, so maybe for the US it’s good now? But for my country we have to apply in our country of residency so you’d maybe have to go back to the US :/

  5. NCT/WayV Ten posted a vid on IG singing ‘drunk’ and iirc keshi himself commented or reposted it on his story

  6. do i get your stuff 😭 i could hear yangyang’s voice

  7. oooh was it confirmed they’re restocking next week? as for the color, i’d say it depends on your wardrobe! i like the grey better but the oat can lighten an outfit~

  8. Mine took forever too! It got shipped three days later, last one was shipped the same day. Kinda annoying when you pay for express shipping :/ I get that shippings =/= processing but still

  9. Kinda different but Minho has sort of mentioned it in a recent interview! He said that on stage he’s always wearing super colourful clothes, so off-stage he prefers to stay low-key and it makes a distinct separation between work and leisure. I guess Key progressively became the same? Maybe it’s Minho’s influence lol but it’s probably for a similar reason!

  10. I did the global package for EXO in 2018! The cheapest package as I’m a casual fan who just think they have an amazing discography and are great live, haha :) but the seats were still amazing (I managed to catch a frisbee that Kai had signed!) and the hotel was really nice, plus an exclusive merch goodie bag and pre-order concert merch. If my ults had done something similar I’d for sure would had splurged on the most expensive package. I’ve heard that’s incredible and also gives front-row seats or close to it.

  11. Omg EXO is my ult group, they're the ones I would want to get the most expensive package for haha!! You must have had a great experience then, especially for the cheapest package!! That's nice to know about the merch and hotel too :) Did you have a good seat?

  12. omg this is a great view!! and yeah expensive packages had probably some of the best places but it's still great what you got, the experience must have been amazing!

  13. White of course is given, but blue is a very close second! Then green ;)

  14. blue is soo pretty! and green looks great too but I don't see that many people mention it, so im glad you like it too!!

  15. I just purchased the Apricot and I'm so excited! I think it'll match so many bottoms. But I'm dying for the blue&white strip restock.

  16. the apricot goes so well with so many bottoms and so many colours too! at the end of the month 🙏

  17. omg that’s such a pretty drawing 🥺🥺

  18. the guy was so whipped for onew 😭

  19. Anyone have any insight on the contract negotiations with Joohoney, IM & Minhyuk. Seems like it’s been really quiet on that front.

  20. i was wondering the same too!! they still have group schedules so idk?? maybe it’s not decided yet?

  21. do you speak french? if you do, the local store where i usually buy my kpop albums from has the shinee light stick in stock and they ship all over europe i think :) i can link it to you if you want!!

  22. Unfortunately I can't speak French, but I have a friend that speak it so she can help me. I'd really appreciate the link if you want to share it 😊

  23. Depending on your age and nationality, have you looked into doing a Working Holiday Visa? It doesn’t really answer the ‘job’ question but it allows you to stay up to a year (for my country at least) in Korea. You can then find a job there (ofc there’s regulations) and the best is to capitalise on skills that Koreans don’t have (such as speaking English for example). But it might be hard to find something in your field.

  24. Yeah I mean I can always teach English or something, but I feel like that wouldn't be nearly enough given cost of living in and around Seoul? I could look elsewhere, but I really want to live in Seoul for a bit. Unfortunately I'm used to a certain standard of living here in the US given my field, but I don't think I'd be able to match that in Korea given my job prospects unless I was just funding it out of savings like I would a vacation.

  25. I can’t tell you how much English teachers earn (i’m not a native speaker so i’m not sure i could do the job) but it’s probably less than what you’re used to in the US (wages in the US are quite high compared to other countries). But yeah I’d guess it’s better to have some savings if you want to have the same standards of living, and tbh you might have to compromise a little bit if you really want to live in Seoul with a certain standards of living (if you can’t get a salary similar to the US). For example I’m planning on going there for a year and bc job-wise i’m not sure yet how it’ll go, i have some savings that would allow me to enjoy the life there :)

  26. thank god mooncakes are only for one celebration

  27. Thanks!! I do like their Occasion Top and also Tie Top long Sleeve (I bought it but I'm concerned about the durability), these pieces are quite unique. How's the quality of the skirt? I really like it as well!

  28. I love the getaway sweaters! So simple and effortless, I find myself easily able to dress it down for brunch and dressing it up for work. Also I’m able to make it work year round in the cold and warmer season since the fabric isn’t too thick. I personally love the grey color the most but I’m eyeing the blue as my next purchase.

  29. I'm not the biggest fan of the style but the fact that it's all cotton and as you said, easily wearable makes it a great piece!! I don't really see a lot of people buying it so I was curious. And if you know you like the style, then you can get the other colors as well ;)

  30. I honestly feel robbed. I shipped my blazer back to them for an exchange and by the time they processed it, the blazer in my new size sold out and they weren’t able to do anything about it. I also emailed them about the bumpy/rough texture of the tie top long sleeve after one wash and they responded after days and told me to just iron it.

  31. no way, i was wondering what happened to your tie top long sleeve :/ i finally splurged on an item (1st ever) and i bought this exact top, would you say i should return it just in case?

  32. I still think it’s a cute top. I would just dry clean it instead of following their machine washing instructions tho 🙃

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