Bernie Sanders would have cut this off with executive orders and legislation before it ever got it to this point.

I'm in this with you.

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Supreme Court Rules Against New York's Gun Permit Law

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That time Marjorie Taylor Greene harassed a child who survived a school shooting because he wanted the government to take action and protect kids like him and his now-dead friends

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

A sense of impending doom

  1. Am happy for her but it feels like she is coming in when the whole place is burning down

  2. Everything you said is true, but you can't make people care. Heck I didn't care for awhile, until I got older and finally figured it out. The one thing the Republicans have over liberals is consistency. They consistently turn out. Honestly if liberals were more consistent with everything, we'd win pretty much every election and all the policies on our wish list would've been accomplished by now.

  3. My 2cents is that the left side of politics needs inspirational leadership. What am realising about the world is that very few people follow politics like scholars, and when the left start talking policy many people tune off. Evidence, the republicans abandoned all policy and are still favourites to win the mid term. People need a leader who reflects their anger and frustrations. Obama did this well and trump does it to.

  4. and what after the demonstrations are ignored? what's the next step after that?

  5. You do remember that the French protests ended up with the restoration of the monarchy and, eventually, the establishment of Emperor Napoleon?

  6. Should be disgusted with the democrats who didn't codify it for political purposes and vote baiting for 50 years like I am instead. Even RBG agreed the legal argument based on which it was set was dodgy.

  7. There are a lot of these posts these days pretending to be democrats who are upset with the party but are just trolls trying to sow voter apathy

  8. After being disgusted what next???? Republicans have been patient, Dems can too. Change the party from within if you want but vote we must.. The alternative is scary.. And they are telling us what they will do next time they get power.. We better believe them

  9. Democrats say they're more likely to vote in midterms, but they don't have a great track record.

  10. You could be surprised, the level of voter apathy or lack of civic knowledge is amazing. Rvw being on the news is actually forcing many people to learn how the system works.

  11. As the left keep fighting each other, the right continue building a framework for an authoritarian regime. And once you go authoritarian, you don't come back easily.

  12. Then the consequences need to be on Pelosi and other moderate Dems, but not voting in the general to teach Pelosi a lesson is harming yourself.

  13. I've searched Twitter and other sites to see if other people have discussed this, and they are definitely doing random compliance checks.

  14. The only thing I can think of is people who do mandatory testing for work etc, if after testing positive the person shows unwillingness to isolate, the only thing the tester can do is call the police.

  15. And since Trump is watching, we all have to watch every session. It's the only way to show we are with him.

  16. But if guns weren't more easily available he probably wouldn't have been able to do this.

  17. Sitting in the smoko hut of the coal mine where I work, perusing seek, watching all the job vacancies pop up for wind turbine construction and maintenance crew, knowing I will be fine for a job and loving watching the new government carve the subsidy riddled, environmental report fabricating, labour hire poisoned, foreign owned, landscape scarring, god awful coal industry to pieces.

  18. Are your colleagues equally optimistic, coz the coal industry has always pretended to be fighting for the workers interests

  19. That's the passion we need. We're pissed at this system and I want a leader that channels that outrage.


  21. I think too much money on its own shouldn't be the problem, if the money went to building affordable housing and renewable energy as examples rather than to the stock market, the outcome would have been different

  22. It’s tempting to think this - that printing a lot of money is fine as long as we only use it wisely but it’s not the case. If you use it to build affordable housing for example then yes house prices might go down, but building materials go way up. All those tradies and construction companies rolling in money then spend that money which drives up other prices etc. Inflation probably would’ve still happened even if it affected different sectors.

  23. Am with you, the stimulus during covid was necessary and the inflation after inevitably. But at least we could have gotten something for it.

  24. These things about Dutton should never be forgotten, no matter how much newscorp try to sanitise him

  25. Wait can we actually do this? I mean if a senator is going to ask a medical expert whether she’d support an abortion while the baby is half way out of the vagina, this method really might actually work

  26. You are a logical person and you make good points, but it won't work coz the people we are dealing with are shameless hypocrites. As soon as the base of their argument has shown to be false, they simply ignore and pivot to something else.

  27. My five year old daughter is trying to process the knowledge that everyone dies. So she tends to casually drop stuff about me dying into normal conversation. I know this is her age-appropriate way of trying to process the concept of mortality, but it is so unbelievably ominous and it comes out of nowhere.

  28. I have same exact experience, wasn't helped by the fact that my father in law recently died, and an older kid in their school died of cancer. Its both scary and sweet at times

  29. But thata exactly what she's arguing. How do you stop school shootings? Give good people more guns. Idt that's the answer.

  30. Maybe I wasn't clear, am talking of mtg as the bad actor. She is disingenuous and does all this for political mileage. I was wishing that she should face the consequences of her rhetoric one day... E.g like be in a supermarket when a crazy gunman decides to unleash, then we will see how her conceal carry will help her

  31. Wow, MTG is almost as brave as those hero cops who cowered outside while children were slaughtered. Buncha scumbags

  32. I know we shouldn't wish bad on others but at some point, there are bad actors who flourish on breaking the rules knowing everyone else will follow them. At some point you have to fight fire with fire

  33. Liberals demand conservative speech be stopped because liberals are mad. Nothing new here

  34. Can a list be made of all left leaning journalists and it be shared regularly, coz am the most politically engaged in my pear group and I don't know any

  35. The guy literally walked out on the apology and the libs thought he is best leader.. Just means they don't care

  36. All valid points, but I believe the reason Australia should focus on the US is because there is a side of politics that if given a chance would introduce all that nonsense here.

  37. These days they are the same, actually abc is worse as some people think they are neutral/ left leaning .

  38. My mistake. Those little island nations should bow to our leadership and be thankful for anything we allow them to do. /s

  39. Thanks, will look into this. I want a better future for Australia and I realise it can't just happen if am watching from the sidelines

  40. That uap didn't win a single seat after all the money spent. Australians are better than I thought

  41. It’s scary how many people voted for Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer we need better education in our schools obviously

  42. Was it that many really, I expected Clive to actually get a seat, but he didn't, not even a senate seat in qld.

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