1. I remember the original Hello, Dolly! recording was temporarily taken off Apple Music when the 2017 cast recording was released. Maybe they're trying to get more people to listen to the new one rather than the original. Weird timing though.

  2. Word on the street is that it is indeed going into the Jacobs, so hopefully!

  3. Telecharge has the first preview listed as February 21st so I am wondering if they are just waiting for Almost Famous to close before they announce it.

  4. So thats why I just got an email that my ticket to see her in April is being postponed...

  5. sorry, the emoji was supposed to be sarcastic but I should've made it more obvious. I also saw that Kevin McHale liked the tweet.

  6. I've seen plenty of people post about getting tickets through the cancelation line, that might be your best bet.

  7. Sorry for that, but not everyone might intend that as a joke. Sometimes tis better to tip-toe with boots off and eat a bit of humble pie - ala mode if able. (Edit) Just read RicoV's reply and I'm laughing.

  8. Just to be clear I was joking. Mainly because of what happens at the end of sunset blvd... and after the whole London/Broadway fiasco.

  9. Have room for Jeremy Jordan in your production?

  10. Sadly no. In my production Joe Gillis is gender-swapped and will be played by Glenn Close.

  11. Great choices, I'm hoping to see Moulin Rouge when Aaron Tveit is back for a limited time.

  12. Is that Bad Cinderella?? I love Webber’s stuff but no. Just no.

  13. How dare you, I love come from away! For me it has to be Hadestown. I have never been more bored watching a musical in my life. However, I have to admit that Wait for Me slaps.

  14. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it, I was starting to regret getting tickets after I heard so many people shitting on it! Now I'm more excited so thanks 😂

  15. The album for Spielberg's "West Side Story" got nominated for Best Compilation Soundtrack, though.

  16. Right?! I'm still mad he didnt win (though i knew he wouldn't) instead we got the whole Will Smith fiasco.

  17. everyone talking about the slap when the real tragedy was Andrew Garfield not winning his Oscar

  18. you couldn’t waterboard this information out of me

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