1. This was a wonderful read about my favorite episode. People always bring up the Brendon Fraser episode but this one (technically two episodes) is so perfect and powerful. Best in the series and a great write-up

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. So kind of you to give gold! Thank you!!

  3. I love the Switch Lite. It has a nice, solid feel being all one unit. So much easier to travel with. I say go for it; you seem to be the perfect candidate for one. Nintendo sells refurbished units directly on their website that look and feel new if you want to save a few bucks.

  4. Followup question to all this. Am sure its been answered somewhere.

  5. I love this. Would love for someone to do Episode 3 of the last of us.

  6. If you buy it from a North American eShop 9pm PST Thursday 12am EST Friday

  7. Thank you! Should have specified I’m east coast USA. Appreciate the thorough details. Hopefully it helps others as well!

  8. "Really annoying"... am I the weird one then!? I loved running into these guys, I love their weapons, I really like the big sword (name escapes me atm), the sickles are fun too.

  9. “Yeah we tried to turn it into a work horn like in the Flintstones…harder than it looks.”

  10. Thinking about Skyward Sword or Links Awakening. I jumped to BotW from Adventures of Link so everything in between is a mystery to me.

  11. I know its “cheating” to some extent, but a $20 investment in the amiiibo cards on amazon does wonders for your inventory. I didn’t discover them until I was well along but every couple days I find an open field and run through the cards. Good restock on random stuff but definitely weapons, bows and arrows.

  12. The seals there are wild seals you can have for free, though you need to sneak up on them and they’ll run away if you get off. The tamed sand seals are inside the town.

  13. I saw hyrule guy toss a bomb at them to daze them and then you can easily hop on one.

  14. Have you gone inside to the desk at the southern end of town? Where theres a bunch fenced in.

  15. If you stand at the top of faron tower, you'll be able to see two lizalfos right across from it. That area has tons of durians. There's more in the jungle. But right by the lizalfos is the best spot.

  16. This is my go to spot. You can easily harvest 15 durian in one go here and the relatively easy green lizalfos never seem to scale up. Two quick paraglide kills and a bunch of durians, thistles and a bonus fish in the little stone thing.

  17. There is a gerudo walking around Gordon town. She won't just buy anything, but the money is better.

  18. Could you elaborate on the better uses for those two stones ? Im hoarding a bunch of rocks and other than amber I’ve been hesitant to part with any of them.

  19. Luminous stones can be traded 10 for 1 diamond.

  20. Thank you. Can I basically sell off my rubys, saphs and opals if Im all set with the circletts at this point?

  21. I won’t spoil the shrine quest for you but stumbling into that valley with those creepy-as-f statues is a moment I fondly look back on.

  22. North and east a little bit from the fort. Hatano. Something like that.

  23. How did you get the fire stick to work? Is it 4k? I have the wireless and plugged everything in but nothing will show up on the screen :(

  24. I plug the firestick directly into the HDMI port behind the middle console, using the AC adapter as well to power it (don't forget the "on" switch on the driver right side.

  25. I'm so glad it's not just me. This is our first entertainment system and Toyota has sold us a three dressed up as a nine. What an absolute piece of shit this thing has been, wasting so much of my time.

  26. Lol - yeah sorry to report that after two years I still haven't found a better way. The best we're able to come up with that enables my wife/co-pilot to send movies/video is this cable attached to an iphone:

  27. Not even a little. I've said it before on here - as an older gamer, with a couple kids, I get a few precious hours a week to indulge in this beautiful game (my first time back in Nintendo/gaming/Link since I was a kid).

  28. "Seems like I perfected my silent princess recipe too..." grumbled Link

  29. I've posted this a few times on here but I totally feel ya. I hadn't touched a video game since 8bit and my last Zelda was Adventures of Link. My son got a Switch for Christmas and I saw BOTW on sale for $30 and I was like, why not, let's see if the old man still has it, right?

  30. Botw players rushing to the subreddit as soon as they find something mildly interesting to ask what it is instead of just playing the fucking game and experiencing it for themselves:

  31. Easy guy. Im a new player and haven’t touched a video game since Adv of Link. My kid got a switch for xmas and I picked up BOTW. The amount of sheer stuff in this game can be overwhelming and there are many things that are “good” that Ive been hesitant to approach (and many bad things that I’ve walked right up to: looking at you decayed guardians on the great plateau).

  32. Note that the first blight has the lowest health. Each subsequent blight has more and more health.

  33. Wait. The first Gannon is basically a Hinox? My son just got a Switch for xmas. I bought myself BOTW and am obsessed. I’ve gotten to the Zora, get the arrows part but left the region as the beast looks crazy hard. But I’ve been going around killing Hinox without much trouble. Should I go back to Zora?

  34. Yea, the HP of the blights is made for good progression when you are earlier in the game. You’re meant to do the zora beast somewhat early. Waterblight is harder than a Hinox, but easier than a Lynel. Oh, and you don’t have to beat the Lynel on the mountain, just sneak around and steal arrows.

  35. Came here to say this. Lost In Space reboot is ideal for what you’re looking for.

  36. I live, literally, a mile from the venue, around the corner in Fairfax. My wife and I are walking over to the show - a novelty in itself.

  37. What about the Chubby Squirrel brewery? It’s a couple miles from the venue.

  38. It's a cool little place. Think it opens at 3pm. It's in another shopping plaza - yep - down the road. It's definitely a healthy walk - probably 30 min - and temps look to be in the 40s through the day, but sunny.

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