1. Lol there are plenty of mobile QBs in the league with starting jobs and one of them won a unanimous MVP not that long ago. What on earth would indicate that this era is coming to an end or even remotely dying down

  2. Mentioning the team without having to click link would be nice. Second time I’ve seen this.

  3. Giants flair, Darius Slayton mentioned in the tweet should make it pretty decipherable

  4. Downside is he probably really just had his peak.

  5. "Assuming the truck is passing someone" I believe he's referring to the semi-truck and not the pickup, so his comment lines up with OPs

  6. I also enjoy watching Justin Herber in general -- watching him playing football, hang out on the sidelines, undress in the locker room, hit the showers etc. You know, just in general.

  7. I can see 12 games 10 million so they can act like they suspended him last year and they miss the Houston game which they don't want him to play in even though the ratings would be crazy. I'm also on copium

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