1. Didn't Luffy know Shanks for a pretty small amount of time?

  2. The Endeavor thing loops right back around to the Bakugou thing for me. Endeavor is an abuser and a eugenicist. Bakugou was a bully and tried to get Duku to commit sudoku. And for some reason, Horikoshi just expects the readers to get over this and I guess we're supposed to read them as normal people who belong in hero society? And not in some kind of magic prison?

  3. Second image cracks me up every time I see it, it’s just so goofy to me. Bro literally just standin there like a crab

  4. Dropped the series a while ago can someone enlighten me?

  5. Enji todoroki, in desperation to surpassthe number one hero, all might, forced an arranged marriage between him and a woman named rei himura so that they’re fire and ice powers can mix in order to create a child with a fire and ice quirk. The first child, toya did not have the desired combination, but instead intense flames. Enji was content with this for a while, until he found out that toya enherited Reis fire weakness, so he kept burning himself. Rei herself suggested to have another child, so that the siblings can support eachother, but that wasn’t enough. Toya kept training in secret and was still burning himself im desperation to seek approval from his father. Eventually enji did have that desired child, shoto, which in anger Toya tried attacking, thus leading here where he’s screaming at her to deal with him because he’s done.

  6. Wait isn't Kanji gay? Like I thought that was a part of his story.

  7. Can I humbly ask why is this Sonicspeeddemon person being posted here so much?

  8. Dislikes being infantilized but her main pose is standing like a toddler? I would rethink that one

  9. Has animation improved or does the studio still think Power Point is a good option for making an anime?

  10. Oh god are we waxing nostalgic over SKYLANDERS now? Oh god I’m not ready to be this old yet

  11. I didn’t get into skylanders unfortunately, I liked Disney infinity

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