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Ryan Cohen on Twitter: I love coke

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In context, Dlauer's tweets confirm, to our chagrin, the split dividend will not force an immidiate hunt for shares by shorts. Too many people are sharing the first tweet out of context to prove something he negates two tweets later. WHEN shorts must close appears the same as a traditional split.

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  1. kiosk next to the postmaster in the tower, probably

  2. How can you believe in Satan and not God? Where did Satan come from if God doesn't exist? I'm not trying to debate if there is a God, just trying to figure out how there is a Satan if there is no God.

  3. If you didn’t already know, most “Satanists” don’t believe in god or satan. It’s just a way to rile up the people that do. If you read the church of satans mission statement, you’d understand why they exist.

  4. There was a post on here a while back where the op deleted because he had disclosed some confidential info about a sale of equipment to GameStop that would be used for just that. It was legit as far as I can tell put op made an oops and needed to protect himself.

  5. Diatomaceous Earth is comprised almost completely of silica. Like 90%. This is because it’s made from fossilized algae that are very high in silica. I say this to say it’s probably better just to get pure silica if you want to take it as a supplement.

  6. Toys r us please please please. I wanna see GameStops take over Best Buy one day and we can use All their buildings in every city and in each building will have a gaming section where people can have video game tournaments

  7. Why do you think the 5 million shares were purchases yesterday? The fact that he owned more than 5% of the company shares was disclosed yesterday. He could have been acquiring shares this whole while and finally crossed the 5% threshold that requires a 13d be filled. They have ten days from crossing that 5% threshold to file the 13d. This is why Elon Musk was in trouble for failing to file a 13d after crossing that threshold with Twitter. He did so to continue buying the shares at a cheaper price because the news would cause a surge in price. The fine was cheaper than the increase in value of his holdings after the news broke and people jumped in with FOMO. Ask yourself why the price increases when people find out that someone buys a large stake in the company and not when they actually buy in. It's like the price pumps because they know people will fomo. Then, the price immediately drops for when they may or may not locate that actual share. It's all psychological warfare.

  8. You didnt see the green candle or what?

  9. Do you think the 5 million share purchase happened at the exact same time the 13d was made public? Seems kind of silly man.

  10. I think he means the purchase wasn’t actually made today; it was disclosed today.

  11. Whoa, TIL. I know he's a controversial figure, but props to him for that accomplishment. I think the term opens the door to a whole raft of fascinating discussions.

  12. I don’t understand why he’s controversial, but I suppose most people are indoctrinated as children into believing into Santa amongst other things.

  13. At one point, the writing was on the wall for GameStop too -or so it seemed. Some people got into GME at $3.xx a share and look at them now! It's commonly talked about how bots and shills took over VVSB and have infiltrated Reddit and Superstonk. I wonder if some of those same bots and shills are the same reason you can't talk about any other ticker than GME.

  14. When Cohen bought 10% of the company, the price didn’t move. Immediately after the announcement the price jumped ~100%. It’s said that retail doesn’t even budge the price. So what happened? It’s like they know when retail will pay more so then charge more while the fomo is hot knowing they can short it and locate the shares later.

  15. It gives you the Spice.

  16. Agreed. I’ve always looked at it as a dose of probiotics.

  17. My local popcorn has bedbugs. I always travel 30 minutes further away to the luxury theatre to avoid them.

  18. Gme was sending coke bottles with their packages for a while. Probably just another thing like that. But of course the most upvoted idea is the most outlandish and stupid.

  19. Great point! I had forgot about that and remember thinking how it was kind of strange at the time.

  20. These types of articles have an impact on people and it sucks. I was at bathtub and beyond the other day and a lady was asking the cashier if they were closing.

  21. They were paid 45K, in ETH and LRC, appreciating assets...sounds like they are getting paid in fees that have the potential to 10x in the next 6 months jsut sitting on the balance sheet...

  22. “You’ll still be able to sell your stocks even if they are loaned out.” Lol.

  23. Has it been infiltrated by leftists? Or are the leftists that are active here being vocal about this subs clear slide towards the right of the political spectrum? There's a certain level of leeway posters here give to the right and it borders on and surpasses reality denialism.

  24. Great post. This sub has went full retard since the cult of Trump came to be.

  25. Even when used properly, the government still paid companies’ payrolls. I’ve heard so many people bitch about a people getting enhanced unemployment. What about when the government pays your employees? Business owners made out like bandits regardless if they used it accordingly or abused it.

  26. This is the key. If liquidity remains dry with retail DRSing and holding, the shorts will need to locate more shares to close without more shares being for sale.

  27. The loan doesn't matter. What matters is x,xxx,xxx,xxx shares needing to be distributed when there are only 240 million more being issued.

  28. When a share is lent and shorted it’s as if two people own the same single share. With the dividend split, only one of those two people will get the extra 3 shares with the shorting party owing the lender 4 shares instead of the original one. This just makes me realize how ridiculous stock lending and shorting really is.

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