1. Just the other day I was eating my bowl and there was a big chunk of meat in my bite. It was the same layer as the beans and fajitas.

  2. Who goes on vacation dressed like contestants on a beauty contest?? Why???

  3. The same type of people who intentionally dress up as beauty contestants for beauty contests lol

  4. they do it if they think the person will be an issue once fired, it's also an insurance CYA thing

  5. Camille could’ve easily made it an issue too. And she did. She took forever to leave and went around bad talking departments

  6. Does anyone else remember when Anastasia asked deck crew to take the trash out and when Travis didn’t do it immediately cause they were doing something outside, cap sandy got on deck crew’s ass. But now when interior asks them to take the trash out she gets on interior?

  7. I went last night and it didn’t work for me. I did use points for my order though

  8. A farmers market that has more than 1 produce stand. It's like 10:1 crafters to farmer at each one

  9. It’s a chair not a throne Your Royal Highness! Just because it happens to be the same seat Lee, Sandy or whoever else sits and buries farts into, doesn’t make it more reverent than anywhere else on the boat.

  10. I would never go to my bosses office and make out with someone in their chair. It’s about respect.

  11. Came here to say this as well. I loved the free beer days and the random shops.

  12. 100%! It just had a great atmosphere. So chill and unique. Does the movie theater still do $5 movies on Tuesdays? That was the best.

  13. I’ve been occasionally getting one vinaigrette on the side for a while and the cups keep getting less and less filled. There’s was barely enough to fill the bottom of the container last time I went so I get why people think they need more than one

  14. Oh so they don't know how to smoke a cigar? Wow

  15. I don’t smoke so I don’t know much about it. Is it a big deal to smoke it from the wrong end?

  16. In the greater scheme of life, I suppose not. It's burning leaves into your mouth.

  17. Pet Alliance of Greator Orlando is a fantastic organization that helps find homes for abandoned cats and dogs (and domesticated ferals) and they ALWAYS could use help. You could even be a "kitty cuddler" and help socialize the cats and kittens they intake. There are many opportunities from Sanford all the way down to local pet supply stores.

  18. I just signed up to volunteer with pet alliance and have my orientation this month!

  19. Is that why there were people on almost every corner downtown today with microphones/megaphones preaching?

  20. But it only seems to be with him though?

  21. Try turning off the lights with light button, let the screen message change then turn them back on. Please let us know....

  22. I've got one that is that same model except red and thats how ive always cleared it. How old is it? It looks relatively new - I'd return or exchange it for a new one if you're within the warranty period. Chances are good that if you bought from they replace it with no questions asked.

  23. It was a gift but I will reach out! I thought I was going crazy because I knew I could reset it but it must not be working

  24. Sometimes the V looks like a C when they write it and I have to explain it to the cashier lol

  25. If they are trained correctly there should be a line under the v indicating it’s a v not a c

  26. I think when you’re in high school it’s easier to have a connection with a friend than having chemistry with another high schooler. Feelings are awkward at that age sometimes

  27. It was probably to make us assume she had something to do with everything going on?

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