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  1. You can literally feel the emotion in Page's playing. That's what makes music to me and I think the soul in this song is perfection.

  2. “They” say Trader Joe’s has a good dupe for that at a fraction of the price.

  3. Maybe $35+ shipping? I have some non-hair items that I’d love to share also, I just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures.

  4. I didn't realize until now there are more items than the first one lol, I'm sorry!! What would be your price for photo one only?

  5. Or he’s incredibly controlling and doesn’t want her to go anywhere without him

  6. Check out life saving divorce for christians. A book and a group on Facebook. Message me for more details or the author. I can't find it at the moment. There are many women out there that have felt burdened by a husband who is not keeping his covenant of love and sacrifice as defined in the Bible. Women are not second class humans who are subject to abuse because we have entered into a forever covenant. No. Listen to the Holy Spirit on this. Read the passage where Jesus met with the woman at the well. He wanted to unburden her. It is a religious ideal to keep the marriage covenant sacred no matter what is happening behind closed doors. You matter to God more than the marriage. You matter. Listen to the Holy Spirit. It is possible that you are being abused and that your children will be harmed emotionally over time. It is also possible that God is asking you to keep the faith and summit a bit more to sustain the marriage.

  7. You must not read the Bible then if you think this isn't "great" advice. Everything I said is according to what Jesus' taught. Divorce is never an option, nor should it be one. Did Jesus not command us to pray for our enemies? Is the husband an enemy in any way? No! The devil is! He is lost and hurt in some way that we do not know. He needs her prayer and support. He also needs the love of God. Do not make assumptions like the rest of those who lack understanding.

  8. LOL. The love of Christ is not only shown through letting others consistently hurt you. Some call that enabling and rewarding bad behavior. Jesus flipped tables. He loved perfectly obviously, but I don't believe he wants us to live our lives in bondage with an unloving, abusive partner.

  9. I've had three c sections. These are great tips! I'll also add: -ask for an abdominal binder at hospital -Do NOT overdo it once your home for the first couple weeks. Walk around and all, but housework just don't if you don't absolutely have to. -keep plenty of pillows around to put behind you in bed and on the couch and chairs. -I was terrified of the catheter too, it wasn't that bad just felt a little strange once spinal wore off, try to pee for the first time after having it removed in a warm shower, it help getting things going again for me. Congrats

  10. What kind of car did the disciples drive? A Honda, they all wanted to be in one accord 🤪

  11. I literally thought this was Sal from impractical jokers at first glance doing a punishment or something lol

  12. I was in a relationship like this for half my life. It doesn't get better. They should have comforted you, not sexually assault you. I'm so sorry for all going on with you.

  13. It’s not a coincidence that you recently posted about your husband wanting you to get rid of your body jewelry. It’s not just an issue of labor and delivery. He has become possessive and controlling. You’re already on an abuse trajectory.

  14. Yeah this isn't for her to deal with. This is a "him" issue and if he truly gives a shit about her and their baby, he needs to get independent counseling to see why he feel this way about necessary medical care and how to fix his toxic and controlling mindset. Op, the only thing ypu should be thinking about is yourself and your unborn baby, tell him to grow up and figure it out.

  15. I have to go old school and say the scene where Meredith tells Derrick "You don't get to call me a whore" Ellen can deliver, especially in those dramatic early scenes.

  16. Can confirm. I worked for a criminal defence lawyer for over 20 years. The worst sex offenders were ALWAYS the most charming. How many times have you read news reports where acquaintances of the offender have said they didn’t suspect a thing because he was such a nice guy?

  17. I'm paraphrasing, but in The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker, he says pay attention to people, niceness is a choice and niceness does not equal goodness. Very very true when it comes to predators.

  18. NTA - a savings account for the kid is nice of you to do. Don’t let those greedies get a dime unless Ted is not legally listed as the father and you get formal visitation. They don’t get to keep your kid from you AND get money. Let Ted front the cash if he’s not willing to give up his rights as the legal father!

  19. I agree. NTA OP. The child is yours and they will.know that with time. Opening a savings account for your child is thoughtful and a great idea in this crappy situation.

  20. If men invested half the time they spend perving on these videos into getting to know their parter and work on their bond, their relationships would be in great shape...

  21. Never heard about them in church; Southern Baptists love to make Sunday School as boring as possible.

  22. Independent Baptist here, I've never heard of them. The scripture in Genesis is in the Bible I read, KJV. But the name Nephilium isn't mentioned.

  23. Thanks for sharing! Wondering what laws have changed where they can't provide tampon samples anymore.. that's strange.

  24. We had an elderly patient trying the Epley maneuver at home to relieve her BPPV (vertigo caused by crystals in the inner ear). The maneuver includes sitting on a bed and throwing yourself back onto your pillow. Harmless. Unless you hit the wall behind you. She suffered a subural hematoma and had to get her skull drilled and sawed open to relieve the pressure. She died during postoperative care.

  25. I don't see things often that make me think, hmm this will be the way I go, but this will probably be the way I will go lol.

  26. A lot of women's attitudes towards birth are extremely toxic.

  27. I had three c sections. My grandmother told me she was disappointed I didn't have natural birthsand didn't get to suffer. Wtf. And yes there was definitely some suffering, especially after number 3.

  28. I’m actually crying a little. This case was cathartic to me, I was never strong enough to face my accuser in court but seeing Jill and Joy there gave me so much strength.

  29. Internet hugs and hoping and praying that you and others can find healing knowing that justice was served, at least for today for this sick man.

  30. This isn’t his normal resting bitch face. He looks like he’s about to burst into tears or swing on someone. Maybe both.

  31. He looks like a man who has just lost a lot of his innocence and faith in humanity. I'm glad all are understanding the concept of the kind of person Pest is, but it's all very sad and enraging.

  32. Right I got you! It’s been a long week. I guess overall I’m just blown away that the defense team is sticking to that concept. I wonder how hard they tried to get him to take a plea and not go to trial.

  33. I know someone who was facing federal sex charges and they could hardly find a lawyer who would take their case before a judge. Most would not. They all advised him to take the plea. Which he did not and got over double the time sentenced than what was offered in the plea. The defense is surely grasping and just saying whatever Pest tells them to go with surely.

  34. I recommend glancing at some YouTube videos where people attempt to remove paint from a painted fireplace. It is an incredibly labor intensive process and sometimes just not really possible.

  35. Red brick fireplace and garage here, any links would be so great! I have bought white brick paint, but can't seem to go through with it. But I also don't know how to like it more...

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