1. Hey could you tell if this is any better than UV Doux? I have tried UV Doux and honestly it was probably the most comfortable matte finish silicone based sunscreen I have tried but the texture of Sunstop looks kinda creamy and as you said it has silicones too. So which one do you think is more comfortable for oily acne prone skin?

  2. I've used both. The difference is perhaps in the texture. UV Doux feels more siliconey while Sunstop is more buttery. I have extremely oily skin and I find UV Doux to be more mattifying than this though I did enjoy using it in the drier season.

  3. Finding out that you’re adopted at 22 and everyone you know has been lying to you and gaslighting you about it will kinda do that to you 💁🏻. Then losing your dad at 24 to cancer in the middle of the pandemic should trigger it but I guess for me it was my wake up call to start therapy and get myself better.

  4. UX writing is part of Content design. The latter is broader.

  5. Try UV Doux if you haven't. Works perfectly for my oily acne-prone white cast either.

  6. I was in a similar situation. He kept saying he doesn't want a kid right now but doesn't know about the future while I'm 100% CF. Finally ended it because it's a deal breaker for me. I didn't want to deprive him of the experience. Both of us wouldn't be happy so it was best to end it.

  7. Oh :( that's disappointing, I'd heard good things about Mink too. The only salon willing to do a dry cut that I know of is The Gazelle.

  8. Mink was horrible. I mean it's expensive and they claim to be curly hair experts.

  9. That sucks :/ I wanted to try Sherie's but that's also way too expensive. If you're looking for an affordable option, try The Bombay Company. They have two branches, Audh and Viman Nagar, they're affordable and seem to know what they're talking about.

  10. Insisted we go to a religious place during the second wave of COVID because nothing can happen to us in a holy place.

  11. I have always been against having kids. I just can’t imagine myself ever raising one.

  12. I wouldn't say recovered but in recovery. Meds changed my life. It's taken me a while to accept that there's nothing wrong with taking meds for my mental health. Sometimes that's the only option, everything else is supplementary - physical activity, vitamin D etc.

  13. If you're willing to splurge, Flirtatious has some really nice bikinis and monokinis. Or else, you can try Urbanic.

  14. Giovanni shampoo and conditioner are amazing though slightly expensive. Arata products work well too and are on sale at the moment.

  15. Japan. I've been obsessed with the country ever since I read Haruki Murakami. The countryside seems soo beautiful. Can't wait to go there with my partner.

  16. The fact that we are constantly overshadowed by the design team. It's a constant struggle justifying our copy and the importance of our team.

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