Call for new taxes on super-rich after 1% pocket two-thirds of all new wealth | $26tn of new wealth created since start of pandemic went to richest, Oxfam report reveals

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  1. This is actually useful, I'd been wondering whether it was currently more efficient to use Skyline or Citra for 2D games.

  2. Yeah, I can't believe he dared to stick up for a woman. How is he supposed to bitch about women not wanting to have sex with him if he's treating them like people with worth.

  3. Because that's not what he's doing, he's putting her on a pedestal for being a woman, which is sexist and against what the current movements seek. What's going on in the comments is regular reddit assholery on someone that made a funny mistake, nothing else. Stamping this sexism on it is just wrong, you're taking steps backwards, not forwards. But whatever, I get the message.

  4. Uh... I was being facetious to the person I replied to and agreeing with you, because their response was ridiculous, so I'm not sure what "message" I was sending.

  5. Ah I'm sorry, I just get really anxious. I meant the message of the downvotes. Sorry for being an idiot

  6. Bruh this is clearly a joke on himself for his stupid thought process

  7. Had that controller it uses the physical buttons to map to on screen touch controls its awful

  8. You think so? It's pretty old by now and phone chipsets definitely do more than double the capacity of the wiiu

  9. Yeah I think I've read that android doesn't have the best latency with HID devices such as gamepads. The touch screen is often the lowest latency input method you can get, at least on modern phones.

  10. Damn the game looks really cool. Loving the graphics, and optimization is on point too, it's running great on my device straight away. Thank you for posting, let's hope it doesn't let me down further down the line.

  11. the Truth hurts. If someone had told him that long ago maybe he’d have improved himself.

  12. I bet your mom felt that way about you sometimes too :)

  13. They're ever so slightly different, I wouldn't say better though. Look at the white lines on the floor over at drastic's side. They seem to resolve better. Not to say that drastic's upscaling is better but yeah, they're just different somehow

  14. I thought only cops were allowed to touch a person at all in this kind of circumstances unless physical violence is initiated towards an innocent (who of course can then defend themselves). However I'm not an expert. Do you have any sort of proof to confirm your belief?

  15. Sure, here's my state for example. Specifics will vary between states.

  16. Thank you for providing those sources, it's definitely good knowledge to have. However the first source appears to apply only to property owners, namely a house or similar, so it's not directly applicable to this case.

  17. Is this Grid Legends that just released? Those graphics don't look very good... I am still going to buy it because it's the first racing game on Quest 2 and I've been wanting to try one.

  18. I don't think it's worth it man... but if you really want a racing sim then yeah it's pretty much the only one available

  19. Guys in the comments, you don't understand. This game is just crazy unoptimized, find the benchmark link someone posted; it's running at 36fps internally (granted, appSW implementation seems to be great) and at a lower resolution than native (games like contractors use native). The potato graphics are inexcusable in these circumstances.

  20. Was talking about this and got told the same thing; it's incredible that MSR looks better than this port

  21. ONLY 888?How do you even open apps with that ancient chip,tough life.

  22. Lmao I'm fortunate enough to have an 888 but still sometimes feel like I already have a too old chipset

  23. I know dude, my comment does not conflict, I guess it came off wrong

  24. Thank you for doing this benchmark and showing all the metrics. It's incredible how unoptimized this game is, it looks pretty bad and even then, it's relying on appSW to reach not 90 but 72hz.

  25. Yes, I strongly recommend a case, and there is a specific kind of Kindle case that already have this built-in magnet function, so when you close the top of the case and covers the screen the Kindle will automatically lock up, and it will automatically unlock when you open. 🙂

  26. Yeaah I've seen them, it's in part because I'm buying one for a relative as well, and the case with the design they liked doesn't have this magnet function. I don't think it would be too hard of a DIY situation haha

  27. By "sleep mode" you mean when you lock it up, right? But to answer your question, if you leave it on without touching it, it will drain slightly more than sleep mode duo to wifi and the Kindle's OS working in the background. As well as the light of course, if your Kindle model has light.

  28. Ah yeah I have a 10th generation one as well, that's good to know. I'm buying a protective case for it and I'm thinking it would be a good quality-of-life feature sometimes to just leave it, not pressing the button.

  29. i wonder how life would have been had he just charged $5 for the apk

  30. I actually kind of like paying a small amount for an emulator, just feel like it encourages development in the emulator space as a whole

  31. Their work definitely deserves some retribution, it's tremendous

  32. You posted this right as I was pondering buying this game (the def edition, 4.64 bucks from GOG). Today I pulled the trigger. These tips will make setting up the game much easier, thank you!

  33. It's a laptop, GTX1050 with an I5-8300h, 8gb RAM. Nothing fancy but it's been pretty decent in general

  34. I'll Give U Three Fiddy For It. Laughs Out Loud Like The Lord Chungus!!! Keanu 100 Pogchamp Elon, Take My Gold Thou Fellow Redditor Tips Fedora, Haha Get Trolololed. We Do A Bit Of Trolling. Haha. Bully Maguire Band Geeks.

  35. It's insane how much this dude comes out as severely insecure in every video I see posted of him

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