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  1. I think they said that people were so unhappy with Sherlock Holmes death that Conan Doyle had to write a continuation. That’s the only thing that come to my mind as far as unhappy and grumbling over an author goes.

  2. I came here to say this. When SH was removed from the Strand there was almost a riot.

  3. I was a 22 year old second year HS teacher, and one of my favorite students was graduating.

  4. There are religious people who believe that their religion brings positives things to their lives, but acknowledge that their religion would likely be different if they grew up in a different place.

  5. There are also people that want to believe things that are true.

  6. I think about God exactly as much as you think about Leprechauns being real.

  7. Increasing ripeness and modern production techniques (clean cellars) are absolutely revolutionizing terroir between Marsannay and Mersault. What these villages were in the 60's/70's will be unrecognizable by today's standards.

  8. Ceviche should have some peppers, jalapenos or Anaheims, etc., which would make it a perfect candidate for a structured Sauvignon Blanc.

  9. 47 mph is about what an elite greyhound can do. Crazy shit is they can get there in 3 strides. Faster than a cheetah to full speed, and can beat most motor vehicles in a 100 yard dash.

  10. Tight movie, 99 minutes, played super quickly, as my wife and I usually split the more epic films into two nights, and this played straight through very quickly.

  11. I try to keep under 25 g a day and keep 92-98% in range, 70-130 per week.

  12. Did your A1C change much after you started ?

  13. 12.6 at diagnosis, currently 5.6, about 3 years later.

  14. Hitler died a confirmed Catholic. Only one Senior Nazi was excommunicated.

  15. LoL, they are throwing singles at the guy like a bad stripper.

  16. Don't give those mouth breathing, pre-enlightenment knuckle-draggers a moment's quarter.

  17. It’s all a problem dating back to when America decided to give corporations the same rights as a natural person. As long as politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle keep stuffing wads of pharma cash into their pockets, our healthcare system will remain conveniently broken for consumers. What Republicans do openly, Democrats do covertly. They all take cash and sell their influence.

  18. "I'll believe a corporation is a human being on the day Texas executes one." --Bill Moyers

  19. Nice throw. I love that place! careful walking down the hill, I took a spill.

  20. This is what happens when natural winemakers move into vineyard management.

  21. Humans have 100% control over what their dogs consume and how much they exercise.

  22. You certainly shouldn't have 100% control of things. If that were the case it would mean you were railroading through your dogs' wants and needs, completely oblivious to the fact that a dog is it's own being with self-determination, personality and a will of its own. You should be listening to your dog, watching them, figuring out who they really are and meeting them part of the way. Your relationship should be a compromise, even with a dog, not a dictatorship. Yeah, you have boundaries set for their well-being and yours, but this kind of attitude is where people start to get neurotic, controlling and, ironically, abusive.

  23. I meant that your dog's weight is 100% up to your agency. I'm not saying to stuff or starve, just that dogs don't generally decide when or what to eat. Obese or underfed pets are not the animal's fault. That's all.

  24. If you have the money, $1k dinner is no different than McDonalds.

  25. Deberg got plenty of losses with us tho lol

  26. I remember nussing. At least he's wearing different colors. Good point, though.

  27. Spaghettification in a black hole. Basically an infinitely slow view of you becoming a single string of molecular matter being sucked in. The further you get in, the slower time becomes.

  28. "Drink Fresh, Burp Hops." My fave brewery in the world currently.

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