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  1. Came here to ask the same. I think the screenshots everyone posts are from this app called "Quit Vaping". Just found it in the app store on ios.

  2. I own more than enough crypto at this point, I'm focusing on other investments. There's a lot of undervalued stocks out there right now, I made more with TSLA over the last few weeks than I have with crypto all of 2021. I'm a big fan of diversification.

  3. Yes, I just turn off my private tchat and DM. And use your common sense!

  4. Same. On all social platforms. It makes social media a much more tolerable place.

  5. SS: This is a pretty wild ad from the US Military. It's like a video game trailer.

  6. I just think it's really important to diversify your investments. Have fun with crypto, but get into other markets, crypto isn't the only game in town. It's a speculative asset, it's good to have some safe retirement investments in your portfolio as well. Bonds, IRA, gold, silver, real estate. There's a lot of undervalued stocks right now as well.

  7. This is very good advice and something I decided I had to do myself back when we started to bottom. There are some stocks you can get right now that could result in crypto-level gains. Even just looking at crypto stocks Coinbase was a good buy at 30s and miners are dirt cheap despite expanding heavily during the bear and having major upside potential in a bull.

  8. Yeah, I picked up some CB stock and already doubled my investment. Tesla is insanely undervalued right now as well. Lots of good deals to be had out there!

  9. I'm not doing carbs or sugar, but yes, I do agree that we could possibly go lower. However, I don't agree that one should sell unless they're overinvested, of course.

  10. I tried to check it out but it just froze, wouldn't load the map. The whole page just froze.

  11. Yes, this is current situation. We will discuss with admins if they can provide an exception for this address/burns.

  12. Following this, I'd like to know the same. I love the idea, but I also don't want to be penalized.

  13. Terrifying. This is why I never discuss crypto or any of my investments IRL.

  14. Picked up Doge in 2014 before I knew anything about crypto, my co-worker was mining it at the time. I subsequently lost the wallet. First big lesson in crypto.

  15. I think it would have been like $75K at the peak. F.

  16. Now that is a usefull post kudos to OP. If i had to gather all this information on my own it would take me hours

  17. Does it seem like a lot of posts here these days are AI-generated? Like people are just asking ChatGPT about crypto and posting it?

  18. I've definitely noticed that too. It's interesting to see how advanced AI has become and how easily it can mimic human writing. However, I think it's important to remember that these AI-generated posts are not the same as posts made by real people with their own thoughts and experiences. It's always worth being skeptical and doing your own research before taking any advice or information from these AI-generated posts.

  19. It's really not dead though. I know a few people that continue to make a lot of money with NFTs. It's just another arm of the art world, either you're in it or you're not.

  20. Just checked, I got mine, it was in hidden. It's pretty nice looking, he's so good with his line work. Now we just need a Stutter airdrop.

  21. How's the drop choosen? Like who owns foustling now or back a while ago.

  22. I legit was wondering the same. I checked this morning and no dice. Maybe today?

  23. Agreed, there's too much volatility in the world right now. Too many unknowns. If we do end up getting CBDCs in the US, that's also going to impact the crypto market heavily. I can't see a world in which we go straight up from here.

  24. For fun, sure. I just don't trust myself enough for that to be the only method of keeping it secure. One rough night with some shots of tequila, and poof, it's gone.

  25. There's a lot of truth to what you're saying. However, there are some instances where crypto can be used for purchases. But until it's more widely accepted as currency and much easier to use and understand, it will just be a speculative asset.

  26. I don't think I could ever part with my DD. I love him too much.

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