1. My wife and I think they are Saturday afternoon popcorn fun. We loved Bumblebee! ♥

  2. Bee is not a Michael Bay direction. Way better plot and so much cuter.

  3. I didn't pay attention to who directed it but it was cute. But I also loved the fire breathing T-Rex. Like I said, they're fun.

  4. I wonder if they hunt together like wolves and ravens.

  5. George has the patience of a saint. You have a couple of amazing buddies. Thanks for sharing them with us. <3

  6. Very nice work. You'll have your little buddy with you where ever you go now.

  7. This is freaking awesome. I hope you post it over on

  8. This is very unique and absolutely exquisite.

  9. This adorable pupper deserves love and cuddles in a happy forever home!! Not to have to work with the police intimidating people

  10. He's a Lab, so he'll be on drug duty, or something not intimidating - cause a Lab intimidates no one. LOL

  11. I'll go along with that. Cuddles are absolutely the only job a dog should have.

  12. That might be a hint to put a small pad in front of the heater vent. Cat's aren't known for their subtlety.

  13. Nudibranchs are Nature apologizing for sharks.

  14. Comfy, safe and loved. Now, this is the good life. ♥

  15. I figured it out. In case it ever happens to you. Go back and do whatever quest you dropped it on. Then when you return to The Argent Stand it will be available as a daily again.

  16. It's a setup - run! She already told you that it won't be "happy families" so listen to her and believe her. She's going to come in with her list of grievances prepared and watch you try to counter them on the fly. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel. You won't be able to escape, or effectively counter her. As the computer said in War Games. The only way to win is not to play.

  17. We have twisted teeth on one dog, we have cross eyed baby, and we unfortunately lost our squishy white lab, Eugene was best friends with my old white lab Trigger, he unfortunately died in 2020. I miss my old squish, but good ole Eugene was there to make it a bit easier

  18. There's nothing like having someone there to hug when you lose a best friend. I hope you and Eugene had a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)

  19. I got excited when I thought they were real. But I have to admit an invasion of lawn flamingo who are taking over the neighborhood is hilarious. You are an evil genius. Huzzah!!!

  20. What a marvellous doggo. I just love seniors, they give the best cuddles. ♥

  21. Almost all herbivores are carnivores of opportunity. Deer are more then happy to munch down on a baby chick if they find it.

  22. Gorillas have been observed eating termites but never anything bigger. Unlike chimps, who will eat almost anything.

  23. What a cutie? It always makes me wonder how adorable dogs end up in rescue. Thank heavens for a good rescue and someone who who needed a best friend.

  24. I know! He had to have been abandoned. He LOVES me, is potty trained and walks well on a leash. I can’t see him running away from his person.

  25. People confuse me. A dog/cat in bad shape makes me try to get them, so I can take care of them. I can't imagine how many blind eyes were turned away from your tiny fella. At least he's living the life now. I'll bet he's going to have the best Thanksgiving ever, followed by the best Christmas, followed by... LOL

  26. This baby is wearing winter dress. I love the speckles but the iridescent black is pretty too.

  27. Well, I guess he decided that this was an opportunity to live up to his name.

  28. I vaguely remember him from Restless Gun but I do remember that he was always a fox.

  29. Can't find it now, but saw it years ago. Apart from a tiny scar no injury was visible anymore.

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