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  1. Yes! Get your thyroid levels normalized if needed (after you get labs results) and if it doesn’t help get tested for sleep apnea.

  2. I’ve been thinking about doing that, getting tested for sleep apnea

  3. Are you on any other medications where these issues could be a side effect? Also when they say "normal" what are the actual levels? I have symptoms anywhere between 3-5 TSH.

  4. Im on Sertraline 50mg, but ive looked at the side effect and they dont totally match up. My TSH is 1.4 i think.

  5. Do you take any supplements or nutrition shakes with biotin? It can make TSH look suppressed

  6. As far as I know im not taking anything with biotin in it.

  7. I struggled with that book, but will be trying again. I really loved his The Lost Books of the Odyssey. That's another one that took me awhile to get into and then I absolutely loved it.

  8. I read the Lost books of the odyssey first. Once i realized that each chapter was basically a one off it was a pretty easy read. I think Zachary Mason just has a thing for tragedies.

  9. Personally I really liked the book; been wanting to read it again but you can never get that 'first time' experience back.

  10. That dreamy aspect was what was confusing me so much at first haha. Like i couldnt tell what was real and what was a dream, but now ive figured it out. I definitely had to slow down to make sure i was actually understanding what was happening.

  11. Yeah, every time i skip my antidepressants. But even when im off antidepressants i can have brain zaps, especially if i have a fever. Nothing to worry about.

  12. Oh okay. It just freaks me out haha, but I guess if it’s normal 😅

  13. I love Farscape soooooo much. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. chef’s kiss immaculate.

  14. Not sure why you'd start with those last 3 books. They're definitely the weakest of the 6. I love the first three, though.

  15. B/c I’d never even heard of David Brin before. I just bought Brightness Reef at a used book store and it says on the cover “BOOK ONE OF A NEW UPLIFT TRILOGY” what was I supposed to think lol.

  16. Yeah as far as I remember there's not a lot of depth to them as civilisations, although there are some really nice alien characters, I'm thinking of one in Sundiver (but I can't say anything about them without spoilering).

  17. So true. Most sci fi books don’t explain the alien civilizations enough AT all. The only science fiction that I feel really does a deep dive is Star Trek and all those different books.

  18. To Sleep in A Seas of Stars by Christopher Paolini is soooooo good.

  19. To sleep in a sea of stars by Christopher Paolini is really good in that respect.

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