1. For me it works to find the best spot to spray on, which has the best distance to your nose. So not too close but also not to far.

  2. I do. I ordered a sample of Shalini Fleur Japonais, and the incense was not the Japanese incense like the sticks my Oba-chan used to use at her morning prayers, but Frankincense that gives off catholic church vibes, and I do not like. I was so relieved to not fall in love a $1000 per 100ml bottle of fragrance.

  3. do you know of other scents that remind you of your oba-chan's incense? or come close?

  4. I have no idea. Frankincense makes me a bit nauseous, so I’m wary of incense perfumes. But I know there are other incense notes like champaca and copal which I probably should try and sniff. I don’t even know what Japanese incense she used, but sandalwood was definitely part of it. She’s long passed away. Maybe one of my aunties know what it was.

  5. I think I know what you mean, I have real authentic incense bought personally in Kyoto, and it totally smells different compared to classic incense notes in perfume which are often frankincense or myrrhe.

  6. Pure XS..straight vanilla cola.

  7. To each his own. I actually sampled it because of the cola comparisons and ended up buying it because I found it very accurate.

  8. Of course to each their own, that's why I disagree, since I speak for myself not the whole perfume community

  9. Go for it, I love Jasmin Rouge too, i think it's quite a pleasant and a rounded jasmine scent, it's not too "in your face" and not too aggressive. I used to have Lust by Lush but it's very harsh. Lately I've been thinking about buying the big bottle of Jasmin Rouge because it's so likeable

  10. I was going to suggest exactly this fragrance when I read the title, funny how people have the same experience. Iris Ukiyoe is absolutely lovely.

  11. it's not focused on citrus, as those notes are "well blended" among those floral, aquatic and woody notes. I would say the Leau pour Homme is mostly floral to my nose.

  12. while we are at it, also ban the words masculine and feminine, because it excludes, offends and triggers the non binaries.

  13. Armani Prive Bleu Turquoise is pretty much salty vanilla to me. Lovely scent!

  14. Unforsaken because it's a lovely alternative universe version of Soleil Blanc with a bit more sweet mandarine, yuzu and coconutty vibes.

  15. The best is truly Hinoki by CdG, there are no others that do it as authentic and good as that one. Sure other perfumes with a hinoki note exist, but often intertwined with lots or other notes that I find distracting if you just want a nice focus on hinoki scent.

  16. Galbanum, I dislike that stuff. Especially prominent in CdG Copper and one of the Frederic Malle scents

  17. Get yourself Silky Woods by Goldfield & Banks, if you wanna smell like a delicious masculine vanilla.

  18. Okay so I love bohemian lime and love the smell of vanilla. I got ani instead of this and I did not like it. Should I get this?

  19. I didn't like Ani by Nishane neither, to me it smells way too lemony-gingery-aromatic rather than comfy warm vanilla.

  20. I think there might be a correlation between sex and scent preferences, but it's a complex topic and difficult to find a real causal link.

  21. not the person you asked here, but I really like Sebastian from The Perfume Guy, his reviews are at least interesting, feature really unique scents from cheap to expensive, sometimes videos with a very particular theme, AND he also gives quite negative feedback about many scents here and there which is kind of a sign of authenticity ( better than people who "LOVE" every perfume and never dislike anything at all)

  22. I think it would be a bit cloying, for yourself and your surroundings

  23. Follow is very dense and strong, however after a while it just reminded me of coffee scented candles, rather than real delicious freshly brewed coffee.

  24. I like it a lot, but I don’t love it. If this was my first LV fragrance in my collection, I would enjoy the heck out of it. However, as someone who owns multiple bottles, it seems a little repetitive. It’s probably because it’s got that strong LV DNA going on.

  25. Which notes apart from citrus do you smell particularly? floral gardenia tiare? or some hidden ambrox?

  26. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather smells like crushed bugs to me, not sure if it's particularly ants, because I don't really know how ants smell like, but definitely a weird prickly disgusting smell of bugs. Not the whole fragrance, just one note or accord in there.

  27. Why buy an Audi when there are cheaper, similarly built Mazdas and Toyotas.

  28. They do certainly overlap in the sweet marshmallow note, but that's the only similarity. I think Vanira Moorea smells more like Parle Moi de Parfum "Guimauve Noel" (which also smells a bit similar to LDBS)

  29. I would say it's quite close to Tihota, it's the same type of sugary dusty dry vanilla.

  30. I so badly want to try out Orom by Bvlgari Le Gemme, but it's only available in a Dubai airport so far, and that's not something I can easily go to 😅

  31. Lol good luck with, I’m holding on to the last 15ml in my bottle, I don’t think I even sprayed once in 2022.

  32. In my experience, 1ml is usually about roughly 20 sprays. So you got about 300 sprays left.

  33. 4-5ml is a tiny sampler vial to you? I would rather consider that a normal decant.

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