1. With one seat folded down and the rear shelf up you’ll have a ton of room.

  2. Should have been called for hooking there at the end.

  3. Finally got mine two weeks ago. We have a two year old and a 3 day old. I hated the FWD initially but the first day I was dealing with a car seat in the rain I fell in love. My two year old LOVES watching them open and shut. Overall, completely in love with it.

  4. Other companies are already charging you for it. Don't think of it as a nighttime penalty. Think of it as a daytime discount.

  5. Love the yolk, maybe I’d fork over some money for a physical gear shift. I can even handle the turn signals

  6. I had probably 8 of these and this happened to six of them within three years. Fully broken.

  7. Want way too much data? Check this out:

  8. Are you kidding me? We just moved to Ohio from Mt. Juliet, TN a few minutes from his church. I thought we’d be getting away from his crap.

  9. Does anyone know if it “learns and remembers” roads your vehicle drives. Someone was under the impression that it does and some of the turns were bad at first but seem to have gotten better as time has progressed.

  10. Skyline Chili and Bills Donuts.

  11. How do you feel about access to birth control or sex education? Is this something the government should assist in?


  13. You’ll usually find the lighting operator at the rear center of the GA floor. That is roughly the position and vantage point the light show was programmed and created from and is generally the optimal place to see the show from.

  14. So... it is a separate system from the concert lighting rig. Your phone is used to (if it helps) address them, much like setting up a smart speaker or a modern printer designed by people who hate people who need to print. Lookin' at you HP. There are likely to be transmitters up in the rig somewhere as I don't remember them installing anything in the house catwalks when they were here. It certainly won't use the dmx protocol. Probably UDP over wi-fi as that avoids overhead from handshaking.

  15. I worked on their show in 2018/2019. The technology for it as some people here have pointed out is proprietary and very impressive compared to some of the competitors out there. When I first heard that they had to enter their seat locations in via Bluetooth before the show, I thought “yeah right, I’ve never seen a concert audience that would do this”. Then holy hell, their fans are impressive. 90%+ did it so the resolution was incredible. My favorite part though was the 5% who couldn’t figure it out and every blackout would have a scattering of army bombs that were just stuck on.

  16. I don't know if it's hard but it takes a lot of work. What attracts you to light shows? Is it the design and artistry? The technical implementation? The physical lights? There are many different specialties and roles. Do you want to do this full time? On weekend? In a small club? In a stadium?

  17. An interesting take but you missed the fact that the design on the pants repeats 12 times, you've got too many.

  18. I did. And now I have a cracked screen...

  19. I've used a little black magic hdmi to thunderbolt capture device and recorded it on an external computer. Recording on the same computer eats up resources.

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