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  1. I'm half chinese and I know for a fact that the people would be ecstatic seeing others celebrating our holiday! So eat your dumplings and mooncakes! 新年快乐 everyone!

  2. He might as well have thrown his Instagram in there for us to follow.. sigh.. "300 followers and I'll leak some stuff!" Cringe af my dudes

  3. This was literally retweeted by the Mordhau twitter account. Not really a leak I don't think..

  4. Like it literally says in the picture "i'll leak something". Maybe you should try the reading thing??

  5. Imo the most important content we need is new FL/INV maps.

  6. I agree with this. I think they should stop working on new 1v1 / 3v3 maps, the ones we have are good enough and barley anyone plays those modes as is. The majority of the playerbase plays FL/INV so focus your resources there.

  7. Bad devs. Barely any new maps after 3 years, terrible performance.

  8. I mean we have to keep in mind it's a small indie dev team. But you are right I wish they made some more Frontline / Invasion maps instead of spending all this time on 1v1 / 3v3 maps that bareley anyone plays.

  9. This is a bug, not intended. We'll be fixing it in the near future :)

  10. I was messing around with the time dilation values in demo mode this prob wouldn't happen normally!

  11. Also not a big fan of this. I get the idea behind it - I like extra content, and if they are struggling to keep up financially, I'd want to see things changed to help out - however this game is so fresh that you don't have microtransactions everywhere. Its a bit like the scene in The Social Network. Mordhau is cool, that's what it has going for it. Microtransactions aren't cool, its like throwing the greatest party on campus and then saying it has to be over by 11.

  12. The game is on a downward trend tho. trust me I have 400 hours logged on Mordhau I love this game, I also realise it's dying. Playerbase has dropped from 60k to around 9k. If nothing is done soon this party you speak of will be no more. Also I don't get whats wrong with microtransactions so long as they don't effect gameplay.

  13. I think it was always going to take a downward trend, particularly with no rank-locked frontline/invasion. For a new player joining, the skill of the player base is absolutely ridiculous. They can either charge in and swing a big weapon and hope for the best, or be an engineer/archer. New players get absolutely crushed when they join, and that tends to split people into players that persist, spend time learning the mechanics and accept the weeks/months of constant battering, and those who just don't fancy spending their time getting frustrated and leave.

  14. I hear you guys I guess the community at large is just against something like this. P.s. I have 412 hours ;))

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