1. This is the issue to me though - Imagine playing the best game of your life with someone in person, but then instead of "playing catch" over text one of them just considers texting as more like letter mail. That variety of distance didn't exist just a couple decades ago, it seems a lot of people who play incredibly well together in person might still just not match up well with that persistent attention game so many seem to to think texting is.

  2. Texting for a lot of people like myself is about quality time. If someone is taking the time to reply to me or send me messages I typically understand that they are interested.

  3. I think this is a key difference (for me at least...) I can understand that when sending a text out one wants to be responded to as soon as possible, but at the same time, I just don't want to use texting as a signal of anything other than information exchange. Anything more than essential messaging is seen as excessive to me.

  4. I think some neurologists might possess more complex knowledge but that it’s more likely any given astrophysicist has a higher base level cognitive ability. Having intuitions about math is incredible, but minds involve many other kinds of complex systems.

  5. People are often cognizant enough to gain and have opinions about individual rights as early as 12, but I think 'young adulthood' spans up to 40. The idea of brains being developed by 25 is a silly boundary imo.

  6. Hopefully realistically 114yo would put me at the year 2100, which sounds great. Otherwise I'd probably vibe in whatever simulation I could for several thousand years.

  7. Lol why would you immediately try the worst form of meat 🤣 should've tried some fish or a steak or literally anything besides fast food

  8. Right?! I'm guessing because it was just 'the opposite of what their parents wanted' and not because it was even meat. Parents or anyone who are too strict about stuff just make people consider alternatives. I'm pretty sure that friend shifted to good fish or a steak just once or twice a week.

  9. I have been doing that for a few years. It’s great. Decent income just being on call and working a few hours a week, and then my side/passion projects earn me double the money some years. The free time is priceless.

  10. I’ve never felt that way. I guess I don’t perceive certain intellectual propensities as “superior” as everyone has their interests. If someone is super judgmental about types of interests that’s a different thing and I feel free to judge them about their bias.

  11. There are plenty of public figures who call themselves feminists while they advocate against equally. I don't want to use the same ideological label as them.

  12. That’s your and their problem. The intersubjective consensus about the definition and meaning of words is more prevailing than that. Don’t grant others the power to define the word.

  13. Words change meaning and I don't think there is a consensus that feminism means advocacy for equal rights. There are certainly many people who call themselves feminist and don't support equal rights. Regardless, the point I wanted to make is that you are wrong when you say:

  14. The meaning of words do change over time, logocentrism is an illusion, but the idea of hinging or curtailing one’s own interpretation based on other people misuse of a term is granting those other people power. I would suggest the circles of people who feel like feminism is a toxic word/concept re-evaluate their position and how they want to communicate their principles. If you believe in equal rights, feminism is a fine term to express that. Either their needs to be some long winded sentiment about egalitarianism or post-feminism-etc meaning what feminism ‘used to mean’ or we just refuse to let bigots pervert the meaning of the word. I’m in the latter camp.

  15. I really wish I were more comfortable with hooking up. I want to be and I've tried but think I'm unwittingly demisexual.

  16. Tinder and Hinge. Tinder is for hookups, Hinge is for potential relationships. Both and the entire idea of OLD apps are pretty toxic imo.

  17. Apparently 16% of the US population are considered millionaires. Seems absurdly high or biased based on my experience. A majority of that is likely just older people sitting on property value.

  18. I think 1 in 10 people on earth could be working in mental health. We'd all be better off if everyone felt free to see a therapist.

  19. No Time to Die had some slow moments and/or clumsy writing but also one of the best minimal long shot action scenes I've ever seen in a movie (where he's climbing the stars near the end). It still comes down to personal taste, some other people prefer certain kinds of action that I think are mediocre, I think it's that there are more varieties and chances to miss a mark for certain audiences than some inherent lack these days.

  20. Texting compatibility is an entirely other thing than any other kind of compatibility. Two people might be a great match in every way except for their texting styles. Often for the 'bad texter' it's not a deal breaker and they don't even care to think about it, but if texting is an important signal of affection or attention for someone then they have every right to consider certain styles a deal breaker.

  21. I went mostly bald in my early 20s and am rocking it, but it would still totally spend up to a few grand a year to have a nice head of hair later in life.

  22. I really disagree with this. It’s OK to mess up specific meanings of words as long as sentiments or ideas are coming across. Best not be arrogant about it but most moments of conversation are a chance to share or learn new concepts/words. I would be more critical of those who would be judgemental about someone mixing up words.

  23. Yes, I want to see what happens, I’ll eventually get over the loss of everyone I care about.

  24. Nah, it’s too late for global war, we’ve become too good at destruction so the existential risk is too high. Still going to be a lot of death in “smaller” conflicts though.

  25. Aniara. A film about the last humans struggling to maintain meaning in their life as a space shift drifts into nothingness.

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