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First-class cat got loose during flight

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Damn Palpi

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  1. The sad part is, I think those that are defending this system here are not actually part of that group. Yet perhaps they hope to join it, becoming a part of the problem.

  2. This. The retort I’ve heard defending lower taxes for the rich many times is more or less “we’ll if you ever end up a multimillionaire, would you want to have to pay that much tax?”

  3. It would be the irony of irony if a Russian invasion gets defeated by winter after the Russians beat back both Napoleon and Hitler in part because of the Russian Winter.

  4. Nah, you have to be at least president of Belarus to have a chance at making Colonel…

  5. During covid, Disneyland laid off a majority of its staff. When they were allowed to reopen, a lot of those laid off staff didn’t come back, leaving not just a staffing shortage, but an expertise shortage. They’re still not back to normal staffing levels and maintenance is one of the areas suffering the most.

  6. It also doesn’t help that OC is now back to pre-pandemic unemployment levels, so finding new cast members is getting more and more competitive.

  7. Good, maybe they’ll start paying those cast members a living wage to retain them.

  8. 100%. Disney has relied on the allure of their brand to underpay workers for decades.

  9. Will be renewing Dream IF everything stays largely the same with the pass. If they change things (remove parking, as an example), I'll re-evaluate at that point.

  10. Yeah, parking is a big question mark for me. It wouldn’t be a for sure no, I’d do the math and factor it into the cost of the pass, but yeah, if they remove my free parking; it’ll definitely make me sit and do a lot of thinking.

  11. What’s funny is that despite what people say, you literally cannot secede from the union under ANY circumstances.

  12. I feel like there was a war that decided the issue and Texas lost 🤭

  13. Man… now I want a remaster of Lego Lord of the Rings for modern systems…

  14. Horrible gains, Deck too hot. Sell it to me at a discount.

  15. Sell? Nah man, it’s trash. Don’t want OP to have to pay an E-waste recycling fee; I take it off your hands for free to do you a favor—no no, it’s ok, it’s not a burden. I insist.

  16. You and I can take it up to Jeb in LKO, consider it a donation.

  17. He has been stuck up there for a while. He’ll appreciate the entertainment

  18. I hate this stereotype type, superstition, stigma whatever you want up call it. Black cats are the best, they tend to be very social. I once read somewhere that someone who worked at a shelter named the black cats “Jellybean” because when they had a colorful name they were more likely to get adopted.

  19. My void literally runs up to meet my wife and I at the front door when we get home. Like it’s hard to open the door cuz she’s in the way. She’s very loving and demands my wife and I to be in the same room otherwise she yells at both of us. She’s one of the most caring and companionable cats I’ve ever met. People who won’t adopt a black cat are missing out!

  20. I hope they can stay in California. I doubt any of those people want to live in Florida.

  21. My dad retired a few years back from Imagineering and still has lots of friends there. A lot of them were not happy and either planning to quit/retire or crossing every finger that it would get canceled when push came to shove.

  22. That tracks with what I’d been seeing. Given the overall personalities and general outlook on the world I’d be shocked if any of them would have wanted to move to Florida given how terrible that state is on social issues. Plus with DeSantis basically declaring war on Disney, I would think most Imagineers would view Florida as a hostile environment right now.

  23. Given the protestors seen on and off at the entrance to Disney world, the Imagineering campus might be subject to protest as well. No one wants to walk into a work past people calling them a pedophile or groomer.

  24. But… how else will Ukraine be able to throw a 90kg rock over 300 meters at the Russians?

  25. Yeah if this was one of my cats, it’d likely hide for a whole day or two after it got out of this situation.

  26. That’s either an invitation for belly rubs or an invitation to be mauled (possibly both, hard to tell without extensive experimentation)

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