1. It had interesting moments (I liked the mythical sword) but I felt most of it was uninteresting. So I guess the clichéd stuff I'd come up with at the table but not what I expect of a screenwriter that has time to think and revise.

  2. I think it's a jew custom to not spell out the lord's name within casual context in order to keep it sacred.

  3. I don't think Jewish custom hinges on using Germanic words at all.

  4. Man the audacity it takes for someone who started his interaction with me with personal attacks to think he can give me notes about communication that Don't come off as petty and immature.

  5. It's crazy how often people can't read on this website! This website is entirely about reading but people would rather do anything than read the words you wrote. They'll argue against things that you never claimed. They'll parrot your own words back at you as if they were new and interesting. Anything except read what you wrote and respond honestly to that.

  6. Those are examples of genre, not playstyle. There's plenty of overlap between the two, but they aren't the same thing. For example, "a crunchy, tactical game that rewards clever positioning" is an example of playstyle that has little to do with genre, and I wouldn't expect a newbie to RPGs to know anything about it.

  7. The two examples OP gave are heist and dungeoncrawl, both of which I'd expect a beginner to explain that they wanted to do. "Oceans 11 but on a space station!" not "What's a good game for space?".

  8. I mean, I've seen some pretty weird ones. From best-known to least:

  9. I like that your friend made sure to say “This is just a learning game”, as with that attitude, everything is probably going to be just fine.

  10. I once did an open top tour bus for the city I live in (Edinburgh) and fuck me the amount of unfiltered nonsense coming from that your guide's mouth was unreal. People will say anything to tourists.

  11. They can fight back against other laser-eyes.

  12. Is that even how laser eyes works? Like, even us bog standard humans know how to manipulate mirrors.

  13. I don't really know all the OSR-ish systems. I've looked at LotFP (not my thing) and WFRP; are there any specific Trophy adventures you'd recommend?

  14. I've got the Kickstarter which has like a dozen or more but I've not read any of them yet! Sorry :(

  15. Drivers doing a perfectly normal one there.

  16. Alex Cole-Hamilton? Is that him with the bullying allegations? I'd trust that second-rate Tory as far as I can throw him. Wee cunt.

  17. It's gas mask boy himself, the one who'll pose for anybody's issue as long it doesn't change the status quo.

  18. Can you confirm you are a human?

  19. Ironsworn character creation is a la carte playbooks: choose 3 cards from this big deck of weapons, life histories, animal companions and magic.

  20. According to my players, my games usually feature subterranean poop.

  21. Better than aerial, I guess?

  22. No it's because it's good. Or at least effective.

  23. Even if you don't want to buy in it can be effective. I've come across all sorts of stories that are absurd on the face of it but continue to live like little brain worms inside my head. I've come across all sorts that I want to excise entirely but that bring me up short regularly. I have no enthusiasm for the horror of someone discovering they killed their own babies but the image recurs all too regularly. This isn't buy-in, you start in and can't buy out.

  24. I would say Delve is very much worth the investment - even if it is just to show Shawn Tomkin the appreciation he deserves.

  25. I think if you bought a charity bundle from Itch you should always check to see if you already own something! Especially that bundle, the absolute behemoth that it is.

  26. Yes, Delve is good. The Delve mechanism comes to replace the Journey mechanism entirely for some people, if you want to give yourself scope to use different stats for example.

  27. Ironsworn. Free (though the Delve supplement is worth getting), easy to learn, cooperative, very creative, and very low magic fantasy. It leans Viking instead of medieval but is pretty customizable.

  28. Pretty much the point of grappling is learning techniques that allow you to take on opponents who have natural size/weight advantages. This is the point of all martial arts. Take a look at any weird mismatched early UFC or Pride matches for what technique allows you to achieve.

  29. If it's something you can do without risk, probably don't roll for (in general).

  30. Just read a story every night before bed when there are no distractions. They will pick up on it quickly when they are ready. It’s enjoyable for everyone.

  31. Jeez - express an opinion here that people feel offended by and be prepared for someone stalking your post history to try to find a way to attack your right to ask the question. I think you proved your point OP - the angsty twelve year olds are out in force to defend their position.

  32. Ach it was a troll opinion. Designed to incite argument without putting forward any of its own. Has OP answered any basic questions posed to them? From what I can see: no.

  33. This issue comes up a fair bit with Lovecraftian horror. Either (1) everybody knows the monsters ("a man with strange green skin and large eyes stares at you" — "so a Deep One, gotcha") or (2) everybody knows the signs ("you are in the quiet seaside village of..." — "is it Deep Ones?"). Neither of which are great for mystery, horror or just feeling fresh.

  34. I tried The Dead Boarder which is (essentially) a one-room mystery designed for conventions or other time-limited environments. I thought starting small might be a good way rather than diving straight into Masks of Nyarlethotep. I tried really hard to give PCs personality to drive their actions. But honestly I just couldn't do it. It all seemed so forced and trite. I don't know, even with hindsight, what would have been a better approach.

  35. There are no good dice. They collude against you. The d6s roll low and the d10s roll high.

  36. Sorry, I mean how big is the full bag? Thinking about how big the thing getting passed around is.

  37. I imagine it has its own plinth which the supplicant will approach in hesitation to receive their fate.

  38. Somewhat off-topic, but how do you figure out what itch games you have and what you might be able to play?

  39. I think everyone gets frustrated at the unsearchability of these bundles. Hundreds of products in one sack is an organisational nightmare and not one that Itch have proven they are even halfway capable of tackling.

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