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  1. Uh… no? That’s not what I said?

  2. We’re allowed to have guns in the USA so our police obviously need guns as well..

  3. You’re the first person I’ve heard with that take.

  4. I agree with his take, it was worth the watch for sure.

  5. For someone trying to figure out how to use something this is probably the worst picture you could have posted, it’s literally not even in focus.

  6. It’s sake probably, some places that don’t have liquor licenses will replace vodka/tequila with sake because it is technically wine but it has more bite. I don’t condone this i’ve just seen it a few times

  7. I didn’t realize people could just vote England out back then

  8. If you think your vote matters i have a bridge to sell you

  9. I have a regular who comes in and orders an old fashioned with 2 oz of grenadine in it, i call it “Diabetes on the rocks”

  10. This is triggering some sort of phobia i wasn’t aware i had

  11. A drunk college girl sitting across from me projectile vomited on my head and lap while i was on my way to work once

  12. I mean if they’re blowing it right in your face it could impact you over extended amounts of time i guess but just being able to smell it won’t harm you any more than the thousands of carcinogens you inhale while sitting in traffic on the way to school

  13. People just like to tell other people what to do. But i do think in certain situations where you’re supposed to be more formal it’s good to tie your hair up when its very long.

  14. What makes you think this is because he tripped on acid?

  15. You should just ask him to make the sale when his special guests come in, that way you aren’t liable

  16. I bought a cooling blanket last summer, best $60 i ever spent


  18. Australia is the biggest exporter of camels in the world.

  19. Also @davidrobinson78 has one like 28 rows down! he does those a lot actually if you scroll down his feed

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