1. How do I order a print of this and hang it on my wall?

  2. I explained this situation to my wife and said "Davis Mills better do a Davis Mills and bail us out here". Then right on cue... pick 6. I love me some Mills.

  3. Mills saw this right before the last drive lol

  4. This Fan base is so sad. Saddest part is none of y'all got to enjoy that game winning drive. What a fun game.

  5. This fan base is so sad. The worst part is, none of enjoyed the ending of the game. It was a lot of fun.

  6. Mills giving the ultimate fuck you to the fan base

  7. Mills clapping like he’s in the MVP race. Sit down giraffe boy. You’re playing to keep a paycheck in the NFL.

  8. It's comments like this that blow my mind. Do people really say this out loud?

  9. Defense woke up the past few drives

  10. *allowed 21 points and 150 rushing yards lol

  11. I hate this fan base so much.

  12. I don’t think Mills is a bad QB if you can get him a couple of receivers and a different offensive coordinator.

  13. I don't know. He's reminding me of Minshew. Shows a lot to be a top tier QB, but not sure another team will give him a chance.

  14. Could have also been the 0 degree weather?

  15. We ran 3 plays, clocked stopped on everyone, how do they have a TO left?

  16. How do they have a timeout left?

  17. This was wild to see in real time.

  18. I can agree with the idea that if he had gone to a team with a better roster/coaching Mills would look better. But in what world does Mills looks good to you? He has some good moments but no consistency and a lot of mistakes that end up costing us games.

  19. Just one recent example, every pass from the Cowboys game. He looked great. Maybe had 1 bad throw all game.

  20. You don't think he's highlighted Chris Moore? Made him better at all? Moore has been in the league since 2016, and he's become fantasy relevant all the sudden?

  21. Ah yes. Fans are toxic for wanting to draft a franchise QB with the #1 overall pick

  22. You have no idea if young is a franchise QB.

  23. You have no idea if anyone is a franchise QB until you draft them

  24. Hence QB carousel. Dumb fans want to take QBs with 0 supporting cast and expect to be a playoff team. Idiots.

  25. Last two games have been watchable, so big step forward. Looking forward to next year!

  26. I think the 2 QB system screwed Mill' momentum on that big drive. Mills taks you 60+ yards up the field and put Driskel in at the 10 to lose a yard, then you put Mills back in?

  27. Dude because it’s clear he’s not it. You gtfo you dickrider. Is this a QB you really wanna ride or die with?? Mediocre ass…

  28. I don't want to play QB Russian roulette with QBs out of the draft every year.

  29. No, fans like YOU fucking suck because I don’t accept mediocrity. I’d rather try drafting an actual talented QB than watching this trash rolled out next season. What else do you need to see from Mills to see he’s not it? He already gave you 10 games of one of the worst offenses in league history or did you forget that? Maybe you weren’t paying attention.

  30. I'll circle back in a year. Feel sorry for you guys, though. Can't get excited about anything.

  31. Lol, he had to take an end zone shot you idiot.

  32. Chris Moore scored, this game was over 10 minutes ago lol

  33. No idea why they didn't challenge the play.

  34. To answer your question "No". It is very possible that they both suck. We already knew Mills sucked. Letting all those snaps go to waste and expecting a miracle is not healthy.

  35. No, we knew Allen sucked. He's been the league for 5 years, we know exactly what he is. There's still hope for Mills to get better.

  36. Fans thinking a new QB will save this team lol

  37. Lovie: We're starting the player that gives us the best opportunity to win.

  38. Neck could be longer, though

  39. There you have it. More of the same. Wasted chance for repetition and development.

  40. Yea, been my argument. However, hopefully it's more clear now that Pep and staff are the biggest part of the problem.

  41. The fanbase isn’t “polarized”, it’s 2 delusional guys and everyone else with working eyeballs

  42. Ah, yes you've proven my point well!

  43. It was thrown into double coverage instead of to Teagan Quitoriano who was wide open down the seam. The ball should have never been thrown to Cooks.

  44. If you could highlight where this ball was thrown into double coverage that would be great.

  45. Eh, doesn't hurt to get different looks. I don't think Kyle Allen is any good but at this point, why not. What's the worst thing that can happen

  46. You lose development games for Mills..... Imagine we let him play all 16 games last season instead of benching him. Would it have made a difference? Maybe not, but we'll never know because we're impatient and he couldve had a handful of more games under his belt heading into this season.

  47. Ah, found the guy saying this was a shitty pass in the game thread.

  48. Dude, run for the first. It was there.

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