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  1. Honestly should be casual and comp working together to try to make the game better tbh

  2. Working together ? Like what should they do

  3. Yup house crest and nine tailed fox , top ornaments for top orochi mains

  4. i did get the fox too but i didnt rly want it

  5. It took me weeks to get house crest Years to get nine tailed fox

  6. They could speed it up to 600 ms and make it unfaintable so its similar like valk sweep It lands but not ez dmg Shaolin is very overwhelming rn

  7. 600ms bashes are completely useless. they shouldn't exist at all in the game

  8. It grants a heavy so , if it would be 500 ms and can be followed up when missed , it I’ll be too safe a better gryphon kick

  9. Ikr i left it today , Good riddance , all i see is topics of homosexuality and bunch of expats with propaganda Its annoying Peace out ✌️

  10. I have, couldn’t find anything reliable. Do enlighten a brother!

  11. Has time to post stupid senseless stuff on reddit but doesn't have time to back it up, makes sense.

  12. "تفضيل السابقين في الاسلام"

  13. Would you sell it for 1 riyal ? I promise you its a good offer ? A 100% profit increase

  14. The problem is most arab reddit users live far away from me, I assume you're residing in Riyadh? Since Riyadh is 3-4 hours away from here and I don't have a car 😅

  15. I would offer shipping but thats basically breaking the bank on this deal , consider the negotiating is over.

  16. And so whats the animation? Tell me what they are because i dont see them

  17. If you fight an orochi that cancels storm rush into light parry or deflect , that roach is high level , that or you’re extremely predictable

  18. Then you have nothing to worry about. A friend of mine who didn't take booster shot (3rd shot) didn't get sick leave.

  19. Interesting , i didnt knew that , i didn’t receive the booster shot , just 2 , good to know

  20. حتى مطلع الفجر ، شكله صنف فاخر

  21. ذكرتيني تسالي بالمصيف ، عندهم كاتشب ومايو طعهمه مختلف عن باقي المحلات لذيذ بشكل شكله منتهي الصلاحيه بس مازال لذيذ

  22. مطعم اندونيسي، في شرق الرياض حي الروضة تقريبًا

  23. اشتهيت ساتيه ، عطنا اسم المحل يلد

  24. لبى القصمان ولبى القصيمية وه بس

  25. مين يقرر ذا الكلام لو يلعب بالمكروويف يعتبر لاعب سوق الألعاب في الشرق الأوسط حرفيا الأسرع زياده في العالم حاليا كثير ستوديوهات فتحت في الرياض لالعاب الجوال بيدخل قيمته ٥ مليار وتقولي ماينحسب يعني ياتلعب اللي العبه او انتا مو لاعب ؟؟

  26. لا العاب الجوال ماتخليك قيمر اذا ماتلعب قيمز عبيسي او كونسول ماتاخذ لقب قيمر ، العاب الجوال حتى ابو سنتين يلعبها عطه لعبه يضغط ازرار عشان يطلع صوت ومايصيح

  27. العاب الجوال ما تخليك قيمر، تخليك قشطة..

  28. غلط وما يجوز ابدا تخيل واحد من المعزين يصور واحد يندفن واهله يشوفونه وهو يصور وش منظرها ، الله لا يحطني مكانه! المعزي رايح يقدم واجب الدعاء والصلاة مو وقته سناب ابد

  29. والله ما اكذب عليك واحد يصور جده وهو يندفن وحاط لوب فجأة مصور حصور احد كبار الشخصيات والله يوم اشوف اقول هل هو يهمه التصوير اكثر من عزى جده؟ الله يعافينا ولا يبلانا

  30. مامرت علي، منظر غريب الصراحه

  31. Not nessarily 100% it's just the same as anyone else throwing unblockables at u while oos just make an educated guess about what ur opponents gonna do

  32. Laughs in external unblockable spam Imagine the sight of 2 conqs in a gank just 2 I’m being nice here

  33. Unfortunately no , you have to turn cross play completely off

  34. Just don’t get too comfy with him in public, you’re in a muslim country so respect the culture, but what happens between you too is no one’s business, so its all good

  35. Probably but considering the nobu was like 5 feet away she probably would’ve interrupt you and boom ded

  36. How does that work tho? Like there is a sofitel nearby and a couple others, do they offer subscriptions?

  37. I believe some do offer coupons to use the hotel gym some of them are daily - weekly coupons at a discounted price you can buy as much as you want as long the deal is active

  38. I’m sorry but i wont click on these links you provided , and this is probably a scam

  39. Visit Diriyah , its 30 min drive from riyadh, a town with glimpses of the kingdom past, sightseeing, market, unique shops and historic attractions

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