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  1. That’d pair nicely with Nautilus. Get a whole IKEA board going.

  2. I am altering the pen. Pray I do not alter it any further.

  3. Nice! Yuri R1 were my first custom keycaps; gotta love the colorway. This and Godspeed are my favorite space geek sets.

  4. I mean, can I use a nib from any other company in this hypothetical, not just different sizes of the same company’s nib? If the former, then a Pelikan M800 since I love the quality of Pelikan’s piston system and the ease of cleaning. If the latter, a Sailor King of Pen, since Sailor pens are comfortable to write with and their nibs are excellent.

  5. Seeing the same thing right on the Bothell/Woodinville border; Google services are working just fine (I can ping without issue and YouTube works fine), but Reddit and most Microsoft services are dropping packets like crazy for me.

  6. I'm dropping packets with google too

  7. Looks like I am dropping some packets to Google too, but not nearly to the same extent as I'm seeing for Microsoft (which might as well be completely offline with the amount of packet loss I'm seeing).

  8. I’ve had Ziply service for about half a year now; the only painful part was getting the install scheduled. Initially my property didn’t show up as being eligible for service and it took a couple calls to get that fixed. Then My first appointment got lost in their Byzantine scheduling system and nobody could find any evidence I’d ever even made an appointment. The tech that showed up for my second appointment was awesome though and did a great job wiring everything up cleanly. The actual service has been great; once I setup my router so it could actually handle gigabit traffic I’ve been getting about as close to a gig up and down as physics will allow with no service issues.

  9. Ah good to know regarding installation. So they're gonna setup in the garage and any run to my router will have to be done on my own? My router is currently setup upstairs so I'd like to keep it that way.

  10. Yeah, there are too many variables in terms of complexity, risk, time for them to run cables through walls, crawl spaces, etc. so they generally will just do short runs within a given room (so if you can get ethernet to the garage, they can get it connected to the hardware they install).

  11. One of the extras got themselves billed in the credits as Lowmoan Spectacular:

  12. Pretty sure the dad from American Chopper is on your cap too.

  13. 60 is my favorite layout. I personally find doing fn+wasd more comfortable than arrow keys

  14. Pok3r has a great default layout if you make caps lock a function key; ijkl for arrows, u and o for page up and page down, and h and n for home and end. Barely have to move your hands from home row. Even on larger boards with arrow keys I set those layers up now, they’re so handy.

  15. Looks like a Pentax Spotmatic. Very nice 35mm cameras with lots of great glass available for pennies as it has the M42 screw mount.

  16. Brings back good memories of learning photography with my dad’s Pentax; they’re surprisingly idiot proof, although I imagine it’s a lot less convenient getting film developed nowadays.

  17. Do you think that Michael Jordan practiced on a Playskool hoop?

  18. Now I’ve got “The Michael Jordan of Drunk Driving” stuck in my head.

  19. Halo was not a good example. Think runescape and wow jargon from 12 years ago

  20. I mean, Halo: CE is 20 years old this November. It may not have been where l33t was born, but it was there at the golden age before YouTube when we got our memes from Something Awful, Newgrounds, and Madox as the elder gods intended.

  21. I mean, it was definitely around that time, but Halo CE didnt even have online multiplayer at the time, yet alone chat text where 1337 sp34k was used.

  22. Very true; I think there’s a lot of people conflating their experiences with Halo with the wider internet culture of the time (especially if that’s the main game they played back then). Warthog jump videos and the like were extremely popular, plus Red vs. Blue. Halo probably was internet culture for a lot of kids back then.

  23. It is a Pen18111 Ginkgo in Blue Night Sky! It is one my prettiest pens.

  24. I couldn’t resist picking that same design up last year; it’s a beautiful pen!

  25. I have admired this pen for a long while, and my local pen shop has had this in their display case with a fine nib ever since I moved to Boston. I left it in the store for many visits, but today I saw that they'd put it on sale. I decided to reward myself for a few milestones I've reached in the past year. I immediately filled it with Iroshizuku Syo-Ro and have been writing with it in my travels today and again now that I'm home. So excited to add this to my collection. Now I just need to find a converter that'll fit (syringe filling cartridges gets old).

  26. If you do find a converter that works with your Starwalker, definitely share the knowledge; I’ve tried a few and none have quite worked for me (closest was a waterman converter, which kind of fit, but I had terrible ink flow with it).

  27. I actually really like "dai guard" - a big part of the show is the fact that large mecha would be very unweildy, hard to transport, and a cost center... And it would generate a lot of paperwork.

  28. Much love for Dai Guard; although now I’ve got the opening stuck in my head.

  29. Sailor Pro Gear with an H-M nib. It’s comfortable in the hand and the nib is really pleasant to write with. Just soft enough to have a nice sense of springiness and with a very subtle feedback. I always thought I preferred glass smooth nibs until I tried a Sailor.

  30. HM nib? I've heard a lot about sailor but it's not the right time for one

  31. Hard medium (although it’s actually nice and bouncy feeling).

  32. I just had an 'I'm old' moment.

  33. Every once in a while someone posts about a “vintage pen” from 2010 and I suddenly want to start yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

  34. If you haven’t already, make sure to enable hardware offloading if you want to max out the throughput on an edgerouter x:

  35. Resident Evil might not be a good movie, but the first one is up there with Aliens as a master class in how to build tension in an action/horror movie. You know there are going to be zombies, but the movie has the patience to hold them back long enough for the tension of their absence to be really noticeable before everything goes to hell.

  36. Do you want SHODAN? Because botanical gardens in space is how you get SHODAN.

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