1. This chick used to be a titty dancer at downrivers shittiest club The Atlantis. More bullet wounds and c section scars than the dmc emergency ward on the main stage…It tried to change its image and become the bada bing. Now it’s just bada boarded up.

  2. She went to the Lauren Boebert school of "Thirst trap your way into conservative politics".


  4. Maybe it's just me, but I want every adult family member in the place to be a parent to my kid. It takes a village n shit.

  5. Sounds like “be quiet and drive (far away)” though it sounds a bit different

  6. Yeah, sounds like either a cover version or one that someone messed with the EQ to try and get around the AI copyright police.

  7. I only drink Brawndo now, the thirst mutilator, a monster truck you can pour into your face.

  8. It was my understanding that testing for this was difficult since trivalent and hexavalent chromium can migrate back and forth between the two forms when they coexist during a spill in a natural body of water like this.

  9. Damnit. Now I’m googling Bluey play sets. DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID?!

  10. What is the actual name of the product? You said it is used on furniture. It's probably some kind of non wax polish, not wipe on poly. If he just wiped on some poly it'd be streaked to heck. You say he sent pictures but you haven't provided one. Why?

  11. I have to give my daughter a heads-up whenever I get a trim, can't imagine how she'd react if I went clean shaven.

  12. As someone who has connections to some non-elected GOP mucky-mucks, there is a contingent of them who are absolutely embarrassed and fed up with the Trump/Q-Anon/Big Lie BS, but will never say so proudly and publicly because it threatens their job and sometimes their lives. The party is rotting, and what will come out the other side is going to be either a leaner, saner one, or a mutated stillborn golem covered in putrid sewage. Given the fact that Viktor "Don't mix the races" Orban was the golden child at CPAC this year both here and abroad, I'm not optimistic for option #1.

  13. I know a couple moderate conservative voters who have gone Dem for the past few presidential elections. One of them is even super religious. The other is mostly just rabidly moderate, and wouldn't vote for anything more radical than a 🥔.

  14. This isn’t unique to Michigan.

  15. Any chance of a civil suit brought by the municipalities and individuals affected? Isn't that what happened with Gelman?

  16. We've had good experience with Pat Walters & Sons for HVAC. Called Koch and White and dude came out to do the quote and barely looked around and never got back to us. If you're a COSTCO member PW&S is the servicer through them.

  17. Maybe parents don’t want their kids to watch stuff about sexuality until they are old enough?

  18. But with the vasectomy part it isn't even mentioned explicitly. No kid is going to pick up on that, and as others have noted, replacing it with an explicit reference to biting people is just weird from a kids show perspective.

  19. Lol. Just noticed the whole sub is a joke. How did this make it into my feed?

  20. This is pretty much the only timw when the US intervened whaere there wasn't massive civillian casualties. The US only struck on targets designated by Kurdish ground forces

  21. Russia sure did level a good deal of Syria tho. Wagner group became infamous there.

  22. Besides cherry picking individual polls, tell me your point. I am discussing a general trend. Tell me clearly what point you are trying to make.

  23. The world #2 exporter of armaments are now looking to buy from other people? Imagine Putin with a tin cup in hand going around the block asking people to help him out with a few spare bullets? What's next? Crowd funding to buy food for the troop?

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