1. The posi temp cartridge is a 1224 but not sure thats what you have. I suggest calling Moen and then send them that photo plus a photo of the trim off. They'll tell you exactly what you need. When I had to do it last time I just texted my Moen rep the photos and she told me what to sell my customer.

  2. Thanks. Good idea. I shall do that. Didn't even think about that. Saves me having to struggle to pull it out. And they give free replacements if I take it to home Depot or Lowes?

  3. Usually they'll mail you free cartridges. If you pick up locally you pay for it.

  4. I read another post where HD or Lowes carries the replacement and will provide free of charge bc it comes from Moen. It said you need to ask around

  5. I have tried multiple methods to get it but still couldnt get it. I think you have a higher chance if you are using a pixel device to get the new theme.

  6. its a server side so your mileage may vary. i was on beta, got out of beta, uninstalled, reinstalled and i got it.

  7. What locating in the world are you.. Tried that it didn't work for me

  8. Western US. I've had it for over a month now

  9. One more vote for Mojave. I initially installed Catalina patcher and I had issues with wifi and apps crashing. Performance was worse too. Mojave is more stable, equivalent or better performance then high sierra and dark mode( main reason i wanted to update from HS)

  10. I have had four of them since their inception. Normally you would update from the essential servers (downloading via wifi) but those servers are gone. Hence my wondering.

  11. i bought my essential back in 2018 and didnt open the box & start using it until October of last year. I was able to set it up and download all the updates to the latest OS (Android 10) using it as my daily driver.

  12. Can I also mention that California offers a program that will fix your car for whatever it needs fixed to pass SMOG. I just had this done. My bill was nearly 850.00....I paid 65.00. Look up . Very quick and most places accept it.

  13. i think you need to qualify for it. i checked and unfortunately i dont qualify. thanks for the heads up though

  14. yeah i know it works on there. im wondering if VOIP works on Fi using this phone. i know it doesnt work on Verizon snce its not a verizon phone.

  15. You can re-enroll afterwards and you will still have it

  16. i think it does help. i took the long route to get where im at at the place i work. meaning i worked hard to go up the ranks. went from contractor to full time and slowly moved up over time. alot of fresh hires tend to come up from big name schools like Duke, Georgia Tech, USC, UCLA.

  17. I did that, but now that I’m on the post install screen, the volume on which Mojave is installed is not showing up on the drop down menu

  18. Is your drive apfs? Did you select the correct model?

  19. yeah, the drive is apfs and I selected the correct model, I even double checked that, really don't know what happened. the only way to get back into the system was to restore to a previous snapshot via time machine, otherwise I wouldn't know how to get past that screen.

  20. Yeah maybe try to see right now if it shows up without the update

  21. like others have said, go to your room and talk. use headphones so they dont hear the guy if possible. or if you are out and about you can always talk on the phone while driving. its obviously a challenge when they are around but its manageable.

  22. I do that but they know I'm up to something. Like I'll be having a convo with them, phone rings and I go to my room...they know. my friends dont randomly call me on weekday evenings

  23. Just don't say anything or say it's fine. Not much you can do. You don't have to share any of that

  24. in one ear, out the other. no matter how hard you try, it sounds like she will always find something and fight about it.

  25. I uninstalled updates and reinstalled (with betta) and the new ui was there for me. Worth a shot.

  26. couple days after the post, i re-enrolled in the beta program and installed the beta version to see if i would lose the new font. still there for now.

  27. This is not a method that will work for everyone, all you did was re-roll the die on whether you'd get it on your account. It's server controlled, people get it and lose it as the tests change.

  28. ok i removed "method" and just stated what i tried. results may vary.

  29. My parents have always been supportive and never overbearing. They were strict when we were kids and sometimes overprotective even as we got older. Now they are pretty chill and laid-back. They have their moments here and there.

  30. I really like him and really want to see him again, but don't want to text. What kind of logic is that? You are perfectly capable as a woman to text him if you want to see him. It doesn't make you desperate or clingy. It shows you are interested. Is that so bad? Guys don't have to do all the work

  31. Hinge and coffee meets bagel. Bumble is ok. You can try paid sites like Match and eharmony but I never had any better luck on paid sites (only tried Match) then the free ones

  32. what do mean by rebound safely? you dont want to hop into another relationship since you just broke up. make it clear to whoever you date. that you are not looking for anything serious. if you are looking for hookup, then say so.

  33. yes you can. everyone's taste are different. you wont be attractive to every girl you meet. as cliche as it sounds, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  34. Yeah, thing I don’t get is why she even text me after no contact for two weeks. It was very obvious I was interested in her and wanted to date her. She friendzoned me then ghosted for two weeks. What was the point of messaging me? I’ll never know, maybe free attention?

  35. attention, bored, wants to you think she's still trying to be your friend despite not liking you back. like if she said "lets be friends" and then you never heard from again. then of course you know that "lets be friends" was bs.

  36. She didn’t say let’s be friends, it was a non verbal friendzone, complete change in attitude, stopped flirting and when I asked for a photo for her phone contact (so I could compliment her) she sent a photo of her dog. Clearly friendzoned there then no contact

  37. oh i see. the hot to cold behavior. thats usually how it goes. no more wasting time on her.

  38. facetime/video chat or phone call. if you've never done it, well there's first time for everything. plus it way more personal then texting.

  39. hinge, bumble, cmb. a few right now bc i know women can drop and stop responding at any minute.

  40. ask her if she would down to exchange number/social medias. then ask her out. worst case she says no.

  41. if a date is going to judge me by what car i drive, probably not going to work out. i go practical over flashy/fancy on my car purchases. my wallet will thank me later.

  42. this is why i went from catalina to mojave. mojave way more stable.

  43. Some place secluded is your best bet. Noones likes wearing masks but don't want to end up getting sick either

  44. yeah, Dark Mode is my favourite feature, glad I was able to downgrade from Catalina and keep that, plus the revamped App Store looks great too, more in line with the one in iOS. is it safe to install security updates on it? was unsure since it's a patched copy from dosdude.

  45. Yeah i just got a security update tonight. After you install it, you need to boot from the usb drive where you have the patcher and install the post install patches again. After you reboot & log back in the patcher update should run and you should reinstall any patches that were overwritten by the system update. A pop-up will show up and tell you what to reinstall. Or you can always reinstall all patches. Then reboot. Works fine afterwards.

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