1. Rapists belong in the bottom tier, and I will die on that hill.

  2. Yeah i agree like i get that he's cool and badass and what ever but at the end of the day he is still a rapist.

  3. why take notes? what is it a class you're attending or a show you're watching. I also don't get if they have problems like that why not pause the show and have a discussion mid episode? a lot of reactors are too scared to do this for some reason. they talk over some parts of the episodes anyways.

  4. This is late and you may have learned this but they cant pause because of full length.

  5. my loot is bad i got necklace 3 gold iโ€™m assuming you used the kosatka entrance and are doing the no setups glitch right

  6. yes i am using the no setup glitch and the kosatka entrance, also your loot should be fine send me a friend request

  7. The voice is actor was a beloved character from the walking dead who's name is glenn.

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