1. This! Paddle shifters in any non performance car seems like a gimmick to me.

  2. They’re handy for engine braking

  3. You must not drive in a mountainous area. I won’t be burning out my brakes descending a 13% grade, but you do you.

  4. Have a CX-5 and I love it but it’s one of the tighter cars in its class. Especially if you’re a bigger guy coming from a truck, I’d really make sure you’re comfortable in it before pulling the trigger.

  5. Are you equating the CP/SP Lines with Caltrain...?

  6. Yes. The trains on this corridor never stopped running.

  7. Pretty substantial changes between the two though, from private to public.

  8. Yeah, substantial steps were taken to not “destroy” it. What’s your point?

  9. Great! Another Mazda suv. Currently driving a Mazda 5 which I’ve owned for ten years and is my fourth Mazda. I won’t be buying another. The new Mazdas all look the same and I just don’t need an SUV.

  10. Ultimately Mazda is a business and they will build what sells

  11. You may have a lightly used Brady as a one year rental

  12. I will be happy if he can lead the 49ers to another Superbowl. Especially if it leads to him humiliating Mahomes

  13. Subscribe. Who ya rooting for in the Super Bowl?

  14. Though I was annoyed by the Eagles, I'm rooting for them because I've disliked the Chiefs for the past few years. Plus, I like Jalen Hurts. You?

  15. I think I'm rooting for the Chiefs. I thought I'd be for the Eagles if they beat us, but that game, and the fights at the end, left a really sour taste in my mouth.

  16. I know damn well you didn't just mention Aspen. The median income there is like $10 million.

  17. OP didn’t list “affordable” in the criteria

  18. Unless you plan on moving out, get renters insurance ASAP. Regardless, you should always have renters insurance. It’s only like ~$100/yr

  19. Just remember that renters insurance generally doesn't cover earthquake damage. If you want coverage for that, you need to buy the optional earthquake policy in the packet that they mail you when you start your policy. Oh, and it's quite a bit more than $100/year for any sort of meaningful coverage.

  20. There doesn’t seem to be “affordable” cars at the moment :(

  21. I’d buy a new Mitsubishi Mirage before buying that Yaris

  22. Honda Accord. Similar in size to the Avalon, and a fair bit roomier than a Camry.

  23. This would be my pick. Tons of room for back seat passengers and comfortably under $40k for a new one. To get similar comfort for 4 people you’d have to go midsize CUV or minivan, both of which would be much more pricy.

  24. He lives in Atherton. I’m not surprised. I’m from a similar area nearby and it is what it is. Just gotta outvote them.

  25. Does this dumbass think there needs to be even more people in SF?

  26. If you think there are too many people in San Francisco, you are welcome to lead by example and leave.

  27. How does allowing the Google software engineer to buy their way into the carpool lane, raising money for transit, cause people in the general travel lanes to “lose even more of their day stuck in traffic”

  28. Because it creates a capacity imbalance. You'll have nearly empty lanes while most people are stuck on the "free" lanes.

  29. Got it, so you just hate carpool lanes.

  30. The combination of existing lane conversion + per mile tolling is theft.

  31. To be clear, the existing lane conversions are of carpool lanes. Still theft?

  32. No regular lanes were converted as part of this project

  33. lol why does this read like a political ad written in 2016

  34. Chicago but replace the western suburbs with the Front Range

  35. New vehicles are made to be driven. Driving a lot doesn't make a new-vehicle purchase a bad decision. More important than switching to a different new-vehicle would be analyzing your decision-making processes.

  36. Yeah. It seems the issue here is the long commute, and buying another new car doesn’t solve that.

  37. They’re not trying to fill up a long distance train with short distance travelers and price it accordingly

  38. A lot of people yes, a lot of EV owners no. I think most buyers realize that you need charging at home to make an EV a practical option.

  39. The number of EVs in my apartment garage beg to differ

  40. I wouldn't fully chalk it up to classic Peninsula NIMBY-ism. One of the municipalities that took issue with the 4 track system was Millbrae because they'd already approved nearly 500 units of housing to be built on that land.

  41. They had that in the plans back in 2009? It certainly was NIMBYism down in Palo Alto.

  42. Generally I find Verizon is best for coverage in rural parts of California. That said, I do notice marginal cell service at places like the top of OLH and at the Bike Hut.

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