1. Agreed about the pineapple. I just save the cups for lunch at work in my truck, and get some fresh pineapple bits at the grocery, put them in some brown sugar for a few days, and then make this recipe. It is so much better with fresh pineapple! I will have to try avocado.

  2. These look delicious! Love your upgrades!

  3. Maybe the upgrades are why we didn’t really taste the pineapple. It was delicious though!

  4. If you’ve saved your order then you are good to go! You don’t get charged right away, it should tell you what day you can go in and make changes up until. Once that day ends your box will start preparing to be shipped and you’ll automatically be charged.

  5. I guarantee your MB is a different person in her private time as well, everyone portrays a different life in professional settings. My nanny would never in a million years believe that I count down the seconds til my kids go to sleep on the weekends so I can eat some edibles and get high off my ass, but I sure do!🤣

  6. How were they? Just skipped them for a future box but they look good, might go back and add them!

  7. My son (11 years old) LOVED them. I enjoyed the sauce very much, but found myself not too thrilled. I know these are quite popular but as an adult that wants a real meal, these just didn’t live up to the hype for me personally. I would, however, be willing to get them again for my kid considering how easy they were to make.

  8. Wondering if the beef ones would be better, I find their ground pork iffy sometimes!

  9. I really want to try this but the stories of people biting into hard pieces (turkey bones), freaks me out! Has that happened to you?

  10. Some things he lacks are just basic human decency. Like telling your fiancé her dad is miserable because he’s with her fat bitch of a mother. Vile.

  11. If you click on “My Menu” at the bottom of the app you’ll be able to scroll back to previous boxes and see your meals. Just click on the meal and scroll down to “cooking steps”!

  12. I'm so tempted, but I just don't understand the upcharge with chicken strips as the protein

  13. Me too! At first I thought it was only $3.99/serving. Then I realized it’s an up-charge of $3.99! I guess for the convenience? I decided to give them a try so I’ll report back next week on if it’s worth the price!

  14. So far every place I’ve called can’t take him for a couple of weeks. I was thinking of trying the dremel but I’m thinking the clippers are faster which would be better for him. How long does the dremel take for each nail?

  15. I’ve been ordering for just over a year and the only thing I’ve had missing was one of the recipe cards. You can view the recipes on the app so no big deal. I’m in the UK and from what I see in here, the issues seem to be more with US orders.

  16. I’m in the US, have been a customer for 3 years and have honestly never had an issue! Delayed boxes sometimes but not enough for it to be an issue!

  17. That chicken is the best part of her content. I love that damn chicken.

  18. Cool. You have your opinion and I have mine.

  19. We were not fans. We got 2 cuts, completely different thicknesses (1 inch thick vs 3.5 inches), with thick tendons and fat running through. Granted, we tend to get pretty good cuts of meat from the store when we want steak, so our expectations were probably too high. The potatoes and salad were just okay. It was the first meal I’ve one starred. Most are 3-4 stars.

  20. We always get their premium beefs and love it, that’s why I was iffy about this one. I’m going to pass, thanks for your input!!

  21. Water tastes 10000x better when you drink it out of a glass bottle and I will die on this hill!

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